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Signature Dispensers in Satin NickelThe bathroom can be the most difficult room in the house to keep organized. While most people would like their bathroom to be a place of relaxation and comfort, it is also highly trafficked and the location of dozens of daily rituals, requiring an array of various accessories and implements. In addition to the razors, styling products and skincare products cluttering up the shelves, there’s also the perpetual issue of where to store extra supplies like toilet paper. Here are four common problems facing bathroom owners, and some organizational solutions available:

Loads of bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave cream and other shower necessities are cluttering up all the available surface area in your shower

A bathroom dispenser specially made for installation within the shower will free up all those ledges that used to be covered in bottles and containers of all kinds. Better Living’s Classic and Clear Choice model bathroom dispensers come with up to four chambers for four different shower products. The Ulti-Mate model comes with a built-in shower caddy option, on which you can store your bar soaps, loofahs and other non-liquid shower accessories.  Concentrating your products in a convenient, concentrated shower dispenser unit frees up space in your shower for a cleaner and more organized look.

Traditional hand soap pumps are messy and unhygienic

A motion activated liquid bathroom dispenser is an easy alternative to germ covered soap pumps. Pumps also tend to get crusted over with soapy hands from uses past, a problem that motion activated dispensers avoids. Better Living’s Touchless Dispenser range carries models that can sit on your countertop, or can be mounted on the wall.  Using state of the art motion sensor technology, after the Touchless Dispensers are installed, they will likely not need to be touched again until they need refilling.

Small bathroom or limited bathroom storage space makes it hard or unsightly to store extra toilet paper

A toilet caddy is a great way to store extra toilet paper in an accessible, functional and attractive way. Better Living’s Toilet Caddies come in a variety of finishes like Chrome, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze that can blend seamlessly with any style of bathroom décor.  Some come equipped with magazine racks. These caddies allow you to keep toilet paper and reading materials handy, while maintaining an elegant look to your bathroom.

Tile walls, glass and mirrors make it difficult to mount shelving, towel hooks and other bathroom storage and organizational hardware

New innovations in suction technology have allowed Better Living to design beautiful shelving and storage alternatives using secure, industrial strength suction cup attachment hardware. Unlike traditional suction cups, which have a tendency to un-stick at the drop of a hat, this super-strong suction cup hardware is guaranteed to create a secure bond with smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror or high-gloss tile. This allows you to mount brackets on previously unutilized spaces. Check out Better Living’s Sure-Loc and Twist N Lock Plus lines for a variety of suction mounted storage solutions.



  • Tenebrific58 says:

    Our bathroom is quite small, which is why we needed a space-saving solution that allowed us to keep all of our toiletry items in one space. Since we just have a standalone sink (no countertop), the Sure-Loc caddy was the solution for us. The material is durable and the suction cups work excellent.

  • Lelia Carboni says:

    We just bought the toilet caddy from you guys and I have to say I am impressed. The chrome finish looks sharp and makes our bathroom a bit more attractive. It’s not always easy to keep our home organized and looking great, so this was a wonderful find.

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