Four Design-Savvy Ways to Hang a Vanity Mirror in the Bathroom

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Vanity mirror in bathroomThere are many different kinds of mirrors out there. They perform several different functions and come in all shapes and sizes, depending on its main use and the space that one has available.

By far the most common use for a mirror is assistance with our personal grooming and appearance, whether it be showing us how we look in a particular outfit or article of clothing (for which a full-length mirror may be in order), or aiding us in combing our hair, brushing our teeth, shaving, applying makeup, and so on. For this latter set of tasks, the vanity mirror is the one most commonly used. But what exactly is a vanity mirror?

A vanity mirror (sometimes referred to as a makeup mirror) is one whose main function is to assist you in looking your best by aiding in everyday grooming activities as outlined above. Vanity mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. They not only perform useful functions, but can be incorporated in your home’s overall décor scheme, typically as part of the look of the bathroom. You can actually buy a vanity home decor set or even be creative and DIY it. In addition to making your bathroom look nicer, a design-savvy installed vanity mirror can actually add value to your home, should you ever decide to sell. It’s a well-known fact that the rooms buyers most closely inspect (and judge) in a house are the kitchen and bathroom(s), especially the master bathroom. These are the interior spaces where the most value can be added during a sale, so they need to look their best.

Bathroom vanity sink units have grown in popularity over the last few years as people seek to hide their toiletries and achieve a minimalist style in addition to creating additional storage, without compromising on style or space.

To deploy your vanity to its best advantage in terms of both design and function, the first key decision will be where to actually place it. This will in part depend on the size and layout of your bathroom, but the placement of the mirror in relation to the vanity should complement the theme of your bathroom décor. Do you prefer the mirror to be free-standing with a vanity tabletop or mounted on the wall? If wall-mounted in the bathroom, consider the bathroom theme and make it complementary to that.

While there are many types of vanity mirrors in terms of shape, size, and functionality (including a portable model that can be carried wherever you go), the focus here is on mirrors that can be combined with bathroom vanity units to liven up the look of your bathroom (in addition to serving their primary function) by how and where they are placed. Below are four design-savvy ways to hang a vanity mirror in the bathroom:

  1. Don’t just bolt the mirror to the wall

    Instead of just anchoring the mirror to a wall, try leaning it on a shelf above the vanity or even just place it on the vanity itself. This is a simple way to enhance the artistic effect of an already useful item without in any way affecting its functionality.

  2. Hang the mirror in front of a window

    If you have a window in your bathroom above the vanity, hanging a mirror in front of it can result in a terrific looking backlighting effect, as long as you don’t let the mirror obscure the window to the point where the natural light can’t come in. Increase visual appeal by using a circular or oval-shaped mirror and perhaps experiment with different types of ropes and decorative straps to hang it from.

  3. Create the illusion of space with an extra-large mirror that covers an entire wall

    Or, if that is not doable, go with a thinner mirror strip that runs its full length. The light will reflect off the surface and expand the space. Because mirrors are transparent, the mirror covering the wall won’t clash with the rest of the décor.

  4. Place your vanity in a bathroom nook

    If you are able to fit your vanity into a bathroom nook, you can easily create a cool looking, almost funhouse type of effect that will enable you to see your reflection from all sides, including the back.

    While a mirror may not be an essential component of one’s existence like food, water, air, and shelter, it is an important item that most, if not all of us, use every day and typically multiple times throughout the day. Just imagine trying to apply makeup without a mirror and not seeing whether you’ve done your hair properly or not. You likely wouldn’t be feeling very confident when you stepped outside your home.

    The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you preserve the core functionality of the mirror while using it to enhance your bathroom décor by experimenting with how it’s displayed. With a little creativity, you can make the mirror an essential component of your bathroom’s look while still easily fulfilling its practical functions.

    If you’re looking for a convenient and aesthetically pleasing mirror to add to your bathroom decor and functionality, take a look at our Valet Mirror. Easily attachable to your wall, this classically designed mirror has an extendable arm making it user friendly and easily accessible. With five times the magnification and swivel capabilities, you’ll be left wondering how you ever survived without this vanity mirror once it’s been installed.

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