Four Luxurious Drop-In Bathtubs

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Drop in bathtubs typically give a bathroom a more luxurious look. However, if you are aiming for the ultimate look you’ll have to pay attention to different bathtub’s features. Below are four different luxurious drop-in bathubs for your consideration.


Bathtub in the Floor

Who in the world would want a bathtub that fits directly into the bathroom floor like a swimming pool? Probably someone with spectacular taste! When you drop your bathtub into the floor, it changes the whole aesthetic atmosphere of your bathroom. Suddenly, the tub doesn’t seem to occupy as much space, and you will have a cleaner, simpler design that gives your bathroom a lot more space for other decorating options.

Bathtub With a View

On some mornings, you will need more than just a comfortable dip into your bathtub. A great view in your bathroom might just do the trick to jumpstart your day.

You can get that view from your drop-in bathtub as long as you have a properly sized platform. The platform provides a steady surface that can withstand the tub’s weight. Keep in mind that the surface will need to support not only the tub, but the weight of the user and the water consumed while taking a bath. Of course, the view will depend on where you live. Hopefully, your neighbor would not have a good viewing angle of your bathroom, or you might want to close the drapes and enjoy soaking in your bathtub….alone.

Bathtub or Hot Tub?

Some drop-in tubs are so creative-looking and have so many options that they end up looking more like hot tubs. Those who like the features of a hot tub get to enjoy carefully positioned water jets! If you truly want a luxurious tub, you will need to do some research on how much pressure the jets will provide to give you the ultimate bath experience.

The Giant Sink

Designers draw inspiration from different places. Perhaps that explains why a home in Boca Raton, Florida has a bath tub that shapes like a large, sink facet. The drop-in bathtub even has a faucet positioned over the center, just like the normal ones! To further emphasize the concept, the designer placed the tub in a piece of wood that clearly resembles a counter top. Now that’s creative!

With everything from budgeted tubs to designer spa-like drop-in bathtubs, finding the right bathtub can definitely benefit your shower experience. After reading this, do you have an ideal bathtub you want to share with us? Which one of the three above do you prefer?

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