From Bathroom to Spa

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Monte NapoleoneTransforming your ordinary bathroom into a peaceful and relaxing spa is not only a great way to revamp your home, but it is also a fairly simple process once you break it down into steps.  The bathroom to spa transformation will not only save you a ton of money on spa retreats, but it will also make your bathroom a much more inviting place for you to unwind. Putting this plan in action requires only a few steps to achieve a peaceful oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

The first thing you should consider is the current colour of your bathroom walls. While vibrant colours are great for other areas of your home, to achieve a spa-inspired bathroom you should stick with more natural colours. Think of muted colours such as tan or light blue.  This will not only make the room appear larger, but it is proven that lighter colours offer a more peaceful vibe than louder and more vibrant colours.

Once you have the best wall colour it is time to move on to the next most important aspect of a spa. Lighting has a huge impact on the mood of a room.  Harsh lighting should be avoided and ideally a dimmer switch should be installed in order to distinguish between relaxing in your spa and day-today use. Dim light is ideal for relaxing in your tub and coupled with soft music, you will feel like you are in your own private spa retreat while being in the comfort of your own home. The dimmer switch also allows you to have access to the perfect mood light for your spa, but also brighter light for getting ready or day use.

Installing a dispenser is the best way to incorporate a spa-feel to your bathroom without cluttering up your area of relaxation. This is a great way to incorporate your favorite shampoos, oils, or lotions for the ultimate bathroom to spa transformation. With a dispenser you can still pamper your skin without having a collection of bottles and tubes that can detract from your Zen. A dispenser provides the best combination of luxury and a clutter-free environment. When filled with our Wave shower liquids, the Dispenser delivers the ultimate soothing experience for your skin. This single item will bring your bathroom to spa transformation full-circle.

Candles, aroma therapy, and specialty items like plush bath rugs are the little extras to take your bathroom from functional to an all-out relaxation haven. These simple touches are inexpensive and easily obtained.  To go the extra mile, you should stock up on beauty products like face masks and hot oils that you can store near the bathtub for when you need extra pampering. Replacing old worn out towels with soft Egyptian cotton towels will really tie in the spa effect you are going for. Rose petals and bath salts are perfect to top off any spa tub for added relaxation. These simple extras will do wonders on your journey from a bathroom to a spa.

By incorporating all or even just a few of these suggestions can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only will this save you time and money that it takes to go to an actual spa, but you will have added comfort by creating a spa in your own home that can be used any time you wish. It is not a complex process and you will be enjoying your in-home spa before you know it! A bathroom to spa transition can be easily achieved and will not only provide you with a relaxing experience, but does not require a huge renovation.

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