How a vanity mirror might save you some embarrassment when you arrive at the office

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Getting ready for the day can be stressful. Not only do you have to wake up, shower, put on makeup, eat breakfast and gather your belongings, you have to do it all before you rush to catch the bus or train or hop in the car to beat the morning rush. In a perfect world, you’d make it to the office looking flawless. In reality, a good goal on a busy morning is to just look presentable upon arrival.

That means avoiding walking in with a streak of foundation down your cheek. It also means your clothing matches and isn’t turned inside out. If you’ve ever suffered from any of these funny, embarrassing stories, a vanity mirror can help. Before leaving for the day, take 10 seconds to check yourself out in the mirror and voila! You can avoid some major embarrassment later.

Valet 8″ Magnifying Mirror

Here are some other good reasons to take a look in a makeup mirror before heading out the door:

  • Look at your foundation to make sure it’s fully blended.
  • Take a peek at your eye makeup. Fix it if it’s smudged or smeared.
  • Smile to ensure you don’t have lipstick stains on your teeth.
  • Flash your pearly whites again to make sure there aren’t any food particles lodged in there.
  • Tame your flyaway hair for a more polished look.
  • Check that your accessories match your outfit.
  • Inspect your accessories again to make sure your earrings match each other, your headband is secured where you want it and your necklace clasp is at the back of your neck.

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