How often should I clean my bathroom?

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Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t likely rank high on the list of things you enjoy doing, but it’s a necessity for so many reasons. For example, a tidy bathroom prevents mold and mildew growth. A clutter-free space streamlines what you need to do on busy mornings. You can even enhance relaxation when you want to kick back for a long soak in a nice clean tub. The list goes on and on.

So how often do you really need to clean your bathroom? If you’re scraping by and cleaning just once a month, it’s time to step up your game.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

You don’t need to fully clean your bathroom on a daily basis, but there are some things you should do every day. To start, after you’re done using the sink, wipe down the counter top to dry up any splashes. Avoid leaving behind clutter by putting any personal hygiene products back in the appropriate place with caps secured tightly to prevent spills.

If you bathe daily, cleaning your shower isn’t just about a tidy space — it’s a matter of health. Under ideal conditions, mold can grow in as little as 24 hours, so it’s important to always use an exhaust fan, close the shower curtain so it can dry properly, and hang up any wet towels and bathmats. Finally, use a squeegee to remove water from shower walls.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

For bathrooms that are used frequently, a once-a-week scrubbing is a must to control mildew, mold, germ and bacteria growth. Use an appropriate cleaning solution to scrub the toilet bowl, clean the faucet and wipe down counter tops.

Make time to sweep or vacuum floors weekly to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. Toss empty product bottles and empty trash cans. Once each week, make sure to wash towels and washrags so you have fresh linens for the days ahead. Finally, wipe down mirrors for a sparkling finishing touch.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Deep cleaning tasks can typically be handled once a month, especially if you keep up with the other more frequent to-do’s mentioned above. Monthly cleaning tasks include scrubbing down the tub and shower walls with cleaning solution to remove watermarks and mineral buildup. Additionally, wash the floor and make sure to clean/dust any cracks and crevasses. Finally, stock up on products that you are low on, such as shampoo, soap and toilet paper.

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  • Shay says:

    I try to properly clean it every week but with two young kids its a bit challenging. Most times its a frantic detailed clean before guests arrive LOL

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