How to Choose Fine Linens for Your Bathroom

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Fine Linens For BathroomChoosing luxury towels is an important factor is creating a rich, spa-like experience at home. Knowing what to look for is crucial as not all towels are made equal and a towel that feels soft in the store may deflate after only a few washes.

Different fabrics are best for different drying tasks and it is important to select the right fabric for your purposes. Absorbency is created by maximum surface area which is why terry cloth towels, made of cotton and covered in small loops on both sides, are the best for drying your hands, body, and hair. Linen towels are best for dishes and glassware as they are less absorbent but leave less lint behind. Damask linen is the best for lint-free drying although flax-derived linen is also increasing in popularity due to its resistance to bacteria and high absorbency.

When choosing towels there are several factors to consider:

  • Material: High quality towels are made of fine, long cotton fibers and the very best ones are made from Egyptian or Brazilian cotton. Supima is an American grown cotton and is also an excellent choice although it can be harder to find. Terry cloth is the most absorbent weave.
  • Appearance: Look closely at the surface of the towel. If the loops are standing up you are looking at a good quality towel. If the loops are lying flat the towel will not be as soft or effective.
  • Texture: A good towel will have a soft, velvety feel and a bit of weight to it.
  • Size: There are many sizes of towel available and nothing says luxury like being full enveloped in a fluffy, soft towel. An oversized towel will also help larger or taller people dry off more effectively.
  • Color: With a huge variety of colors available it is easy to match or complement your décor. Keep in mind that towels will fade over time while white towels can always be bleached if necessary.
  • Grams per square meter: A good towel is a heavy towel so looking at the GSM of the towels you are considering is always a good idea. Anything under 550gsm is unlikely to be a very nice towel.

Don’t forget to shop around and take advantage of sales at stores in your area as you can often get a very good deal on some much nicer towels than you would otherwise want to shell out for. Also, keep in mind that towels dried in the clothes dryer will always be fluffier than towels left to dry on a line.

Finally, towels can be a great way to quickly makeover a bathroom so you might want to consider keeping the bathroom neutral during your next renovation in order to allow for the most color combinations and accent possibilities.


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