How to Choose the Right Plants for your Bathroom

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Having plants in your bathroom can be a big help in terms of keeping the air fresh as well as improving the aesthetics of the space. Many plants thrive in a humid environment making the bathroom the perfect place for them to grow. Depending on the amount of extra space and natural light in your bathroom, there are many options to choose from: Some plants crave low light while others prefer lots of sunlight or need plenty of space to grow. Among the best choices for bathroom plants are the following varieties:

Bathroom Plants

  1. Aloe:
  2. A succulent plant species, aloe is widely used as an ornamental plant and is best planted in a transparent container in order to show off the unique shape of the plant. Place aloe close to the window but not in direct sunlight as they can burn. As this species does not require very much water, the humidity in the bathroom will do a lot to keep it healthy and it will not require a lot of extra care.

  3. Bamboo:
  4. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can reach great heights over time so it is best kept in a large planter on the floor. Placing the planter near the window will provide it with enough sunlight as it will naturally grow towards any natural light source. The growth of bamboo can be controlled by surrounding the stalks with a physical barrier of using other tools to control their shape as they grow, creating interesting and unique designs.

  5. Orchid:
  6. A relatively small plant, orchids are one of the most beautiful and graceful flowers and one of the largest families of flowering plants with more than 20 000 different species. They do well in humid environments and do not require very much water to thrive. Although they are perennial – meaning they only bloom for part of the year – they are available in a variety of colors to cheer up your décor with their subtle elegance.

  7. Snake plant:
  8. The shape of this plant makes it perfect for corners and it needs little light or water to survive. A flowering plant, they act as wonderful air purifiers and are widely used as ornamental plants both indoors and out. Place it on the counter or in a hanging basket until it grows large enough to be moved to the floor.

  9. Spider plant:
  10. This is actually a common name for several different plants but it typically refers to chlorophytum comosum, a flowering perennial herb which grows up to 60 cm high with long, narrow leaves. A popular houseplant, these plants are easy to care for and well suited to hanging baskets in a location with indirect sunlight.

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