How to choose the right toilet caddy for your needs

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Here’s a handy guide to navigate the surprisingly interesting world of toilet caddies!


Richwood Toilet Shower Caddy

The vast majority of toilet caddies are metal with chrome finish. There’s nothing wrong with that. Chrome lasts, it shines, and it looks good in almost any bathroom. However, if you’re looking for a toilet caddy with a little more panache, a few brands offer non-chrome options.

The Toilet Caddy, the Cadillac of toilet caddies, comes in three different finishes to complement the three basic bathroom looks: chrome for modern bathrooms, golden-hued satin nickel for classic bathrooms, and oil-rubbed bronze for European continental bathrooms.

If you want your caddy to match your cupboards instead of your metal fixtures, you can choose one of the Richwood toilet caddies. They are made out of eco-friendly bamboo or rubber wood and come in a non-staining finish, to match light cabinets, and espresso finish, to match dark cabinets.

Features – Toilet Paper

Wave Tissue Roll Holder

That’s right, toilet caddies have many different product features! The most common feature is a toilet paper dispenser. However, even that is optional! If you already have a dispenser but just want a stylish place to store your additional rolls of toilet paper, you can pick up the Wave Tissue Roll Holder!

This brings us to the second most common feature: spare roll holders! Which kind of roll holder you want will depend on how often you want to have to refill it.

If you don’t want any spare roll storage on your toilet caddy, you can pick up the Wave Toilet Caddy or the Toilet Mate.

If you want the added… security… of a second roll of toilet paper, you can pick up the Toilet Duo or the Toilet Butler. Both of these actually have a second dispenser, so there is no need to move the spare roll to the dispenser before you use it.

However, if you only want to add new toilet paper rolls once in a blue moon, you can pick up toilet caddies that are optimized for storage. The Toilet Valet holds twospare rolls, while the Richwood Toilet Caddy and original Toilet Caddy holds three spare rolls in addition to the one on the dispenser. See how that works?

Features: Reading Material

To make your bathroom even more of a palace, most Better Living toilet caddies can also hold reading material. Most reading material holders are thin at the bottom to better hold magazines. However, if you are more erudite, the Toilet Butler, Toilet Mate, and Richwood Toilet Caddy have wider baskets to hold fine bathroom literature.

That should be enough to get you started! There are a lot of advantages with each individual model to consider; even if you know what finish and features you want! Look around at different models to find the right one.

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  • We don’t even have toilet paper holders here. When we renovated both bathrooms we took them out, so the t.p. just sits on the back of the toilet tank or where ever. I tend to be better at putting in an extra roll when the current one gets low, but the huz sometimes will leave me hanging. A free-standing tissue roll stand will be very helpful and convenient!

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