How to clean a toilet the right way: Step by step

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“Cleaning the toilet is one of my favorite chores!” said no one. Ever.

While cleaning the toilet is a disgusting chore, it’s absolutely necessary. And on the plus side, it’s uncomplicated. But did you know there is a right way to clean your toilet? It prevents the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses while saving you precious time and energy.

Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to clean your toilet the right way.

1. Move everything away from the toilet.

You wouldn’t want any cleaner or toilet water to splash out and require extra cleanup. Remove all excess items from around the toilet, especially anything on top of the tank.

2. Flush and use cleaner.

Start by flushing the toilet with the lid down. Then, add your choice of cleaner. Apply the cleaner as close to the toilet rim as possible to prevent it from diluting.

3. Clean the toilet exterior.

While the cleaning solution soaks into the grime inside the toilet, you can work on the outside. Spray the tank, handle, lid, seat and bottom edges with cleaner and give them a thorough wipe down.

4. Clean the inside.

Clean the bowl from top down, beginning under the rim. Be sure to look under the rim and scrub out all the grime and stains. Scrub all the way down to the bottom of the toilet before shutting the lid and flushing one more time.

5. Wipe any missed drips or spills.

Check around for any drips of water or cleaner that you might have missed. Then, put away your tools, trash and cleaner and enjoy your freshly cleaned toilet.

Cleaning your toilet correctly will help keep you and your family safe from bacteria and viruses. Follow these steps for a perfectly clean toilet every time.

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