How to Keep Your Shower Glass Crystal Clear

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It doesn’t take long for a shower’s glass doors and walls to become filthy. A lot of the residue comes from minerals in the water. Others stains come from the shower gel or shampoo products that you use.

Extendable Squeegee

Cleaning your shower door has always seemed like a pain. However, there are three easy and effective ways to lessen the challenge. Take a look below and see if you agree with us!

#1: Use a Cleaner That Really Works

There are some commercial cleaning products that work pretty well, but you can’t really expect those scrubbing bubbles to do all of the work! No matter what you use, you’ll need a little elbow grease to do the job right.

Some people create their own oraganic cleaners. There are several motivations for this. One, it might be more cost-effective and that the owner will have complete control of what chemicals go into their cleaners. Two, owners might thank their home-made cleaners are more eco-friendly than the store-bought ones.

One popular option in creating a home-made cleaner is to combine a cup or warm vinegar with a cup of dish washing detergent. Put the combination in a spray bottle and spray the glass wait for a few minutes before wiping it off with a sponge, and voila! Nice and clean within seconds!

#2: Use a Squeegee

Most people only use squeegees when cleaning car windows but they never realize how useful they can be in the shower rooms. Try taking the squeegee inside and hang it right by your shower. That’s where it will do its work the best.

When you hang a squeegee by or in your shower, you can quickly wipe down the glass before leaving. This small effort will keep your glass looking crystal clear and you will save yourself a lot of trouble wiping stains off once it dries.

There are squeegees that are now equipped with an extendable handle, which are is even more convenient, and you’ll be able to clean areas of the shower door that often go unnoticed.

Use a small squeegee that feels comfortable in your hand. If possible, find a convenient place to hang your squeegee without blocking the glass door entrance of your shower room.

#3: Use Microfiber Clothes When Deep Cleaning

A daily squeegee session will make your shower glass look great for a long time. However, there are times when you will need to do some deep cleaning. When that time comes, a microfiber cloth will do just the trick.

Note that cotton rags won’t be your friend when cleaning your shower door since they will leave lint all over your clean glass.

Some people suggest wiping glass with newspaper. While the newspaper won’t leave any lint, it will smudge the glass with ink.

Microfiber rags absorb water efficiently without leaving anything behind. That’s exactly what you want when you’re cleaning your shower glass door.

Do you have any secrets for cleaning glass? Feel free to share. Everyone wants a sparkling clean shower!

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  • Guy says:

    Valuable advice for anyone with a glass shower door. On the cleaning front, when your glass has started to get cloudy with limescale, vinegar and water probably isn’t going to cut it. There are some very effective commercial cleaners out there. The best thing we’ve come across is something called BioClean from CR Laurence.

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