How To Organize Your Children’s Bath Toys

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It can be a real challenge to convince your little ones the importance of hygiene and taking regular baths. Many parents may find that introducing toys to bath time might just be the trick. You’d be shocked at how easy it is to get a toddler in a bathtub when you treat it like play time, but unfortunately, bath toys generally cause one common problem: unwanted clutter.

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Not to worry—we’ve got you covered with our round up of innovative ways to store your child’s bath toys when it’s not play time!

  1. Shower Caddy
  2. Most people use shower caddies to organize their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but why stop there? Caddies are available in all shapes and sizes, from corner units to over the showerhead hangers, to caddies that can be installed on the wall by suction cups. They’re perfect for keeping bath toys out of the way, streamlined enough to fit in with your bathroom design, and accessible when you need them.

    Unlike most store-bought items that specifically store children’s toys, the Dispenser caddies offer a sleek design that will maintain a stylish atmosphere in your bathroom. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your bathroom’s style!

    Shower Caddy

  3. KidsKit Pelican Bath Storage Pouch

    This storage pouch is a toy itself! Having an item like this isn’t just appealing for children, but it’ll also help encourage them to clean up after themselves. The company’s promotion for the item includes parents to promt their l kids when bath time is over by saying “Mr. Pelican is hungry,”. This will inspire your little ones to put their toys away and with this pouch hangs over the side of the tub, the unit will drain and dry properly to avoid mildew and mold!

    KidsKit Pelican Bath Storage Pouch

  4. Hang Planters or Fruit Baskets
  5. You likely won’t find one of these in the bath and shower aisle, even though they make a perfect holder for bath toys. Simply purchase a hanging planter or fruit basket, and latch it onto the shower rail. It’s a great solution to avoid clutter of toys, and can also be used as a toiletry storage!

    Hang Planters or Fruit Baskets

  6. Dish Rack
  7. A standard dish rack is the prefect environment for toys that need to be dried. Leave it on the edge of your bathtub if you have room, or transfer it to your bathroom counter until the toys are dried before storing it under the sink.

    Dish Rack

  8. Stowaway Bath
  9. This is a great solution for those planning on undergoing a bathroom renovation. The Stowaway Bath utilizes the unused storage place under the tub to keep toys, shampoo and conditioner, or whatever else you keep in your bathroom out of the way!

    Stowaway Bath

No matter how many toys your children bring into the tub, there are easy and effective storage solutions available to you. If you have a favorite place to hide your tub toys that isn’t on this list, share it with Better Living today!

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    We have a free standing antique claw foot tub in our upstairs bathroom that has a window right beside it. Nothing like sitting in a bubble bath looking out at nature…I love it!

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