How To Pick The Best Colour For Your Bathroom Decor

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It may not be the biggest room in the house, but your bathroom plays an important role in your home’s overall decor. Unless you want to be surrounded by drab tiles and dingy accessories while you’re brushing your teeth, your bathroom deserves the perfect colour scheme. If you’re unsure on how to pick the best colour for your bathroom decor, try our tips.

Bathroom Decor

  • Take a hint from the rest of your house: Walk through your home and take notes of the overall tones in your house. Does your house have a theme? Do you notice any accent colours in other rooms that you think would make great bathroom hues? If your house adheres to a rustic theme, why not take that idea into the bathroom? Your bathroom doesn’t have to match your home’s colour scheme exactly but it’s a great place to start.
  • Take to the sea: Nautical colours work well in bathrooms simply because there’s water. Hues in the blue, white and red family are generally the way to go when you’re looking for a nautical theme. If you’re redoing a child’s bathroom then nautical themes work especially well since you can add stencils of sailboats and buoys to the walls.
  • Go bold: The great thing about a bathroom is that you can have fun with it. Colours that you wouldn’t use in your bedroom, like golds and other metallics could make for a very exciting bathroom aesthetic. You don’t have to paint your entire bathroom electric blue but adding some bold accents around the sink and choosing a towel rack or shelving that stands out can be really fun.
  • Travel the organic route: If bold isn’t your thing, organic colours work well in bathroom spaces. Many people want their bathroom to achieve a calming effect. If you’re looking to create a space that makes you feel relaxed while you’re taking a bath then look for organic hues. Colours that are inspired by nature such as seafoam and wheat sheaf can soften the space and create a relaxing effect. Darker organics like auburn and thunder can be used as accents to create a contrast between the lighter colours without compromising the soothing effect of the room.
  • Do not stick to one colour: Many people make the mistake of choosing one colour for their bathroom. White one white may seem like a good idea at the start but after a week of looking at a stale sterile environment, you’ll be yearning to add a splash of colour. The same goes for dark colours. An all-black bathroom may sound edgy in theory but after a while you’ll need a pop of colour in there so it doesn’t look like you’re entering the abyss every time you go in to brush your teeth.

Whatever look you decide to go for, just don’t hold back! Pick a look, style or theme and then commit to it. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be an afterthought–a well-planned, cohesive and thoughtful design will create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

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