How to Prevent Mold Growing Around the Bathroom

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Mold is prevalent within bathroom spaces because these areas provide the warm and damp conditions mold requires for growth. This mold growth can become both a structural issue that impacts the home’s ceilings and walls, and a health issue that affects the entire family.

Remodeled Bathroom

It’s important that homeowners understand the factors behind the growth of mold and what they can do to prevent mold growth within their bathroom spaces in future. We’ll look at preventative measures you can take in this latest blog.

Spread Your Shower Curtain to Prevent the Trapping of Moisture

Mold is commonly found on home shower curtains. That’s because the crevices in between the shower curtain folds create the ideal growth environment. To prevent moisture from being trapped in these crevices and forming mold, try to spread the shower curtain out across the rod. This will help ensure the curtain dries faster and limit moisture retention.

Repair Bathroom Leaks

Another common reason for mold growth within the modern home is leaks from faucets and showers.

You can proactively stop this type of leak from causing mold by examining your bathroom for leaks. You can then contact a local repair expert to fix any areas of water intrusion you find. Most leaks can be repaired in days, thereby preventing mold growth from occurring.

Review Drainage Issues

The slow draining of water into plugs can also cause mold to grow within baths and sinks. Try to examine these issues carefully and use a plunger or toilet snakes to improve drainage. It’s important to be careful during this process as snaking drains can cause damage to the internal structure of the pipe.

Improve air circulation

A leading cause for mold growth is a lack or air within the space to dry the walls and shower curtains. You can improve the air circulation within the space by turning on the bathroom exhaust fan during showers and opening doors and windows afterwards. This will help bring in fresh air to the room and reduce instances of moisture retention.

Use Semi-Gloss Paints

If you’re continually experiencing mold growth issues within the bathroom, repainting bathroom walls could offer a lasting solution to the problem. Using semi-gloss paint can help create a harder surface that is more resistant to mold growth.

These simple actions can help keep your family and your home protected against the dangers of mold in the coming years. Remember to contact a local specialist the moment you suspect a mold growth issue.

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  • Jose says:

    I was actually completely unaware that the kind of paint you choose can affect how moldy your bathroom gets. I have recently moved and I’m sick of dealing with moldy bathrooms! I’m trying to find all the ways I can prevent it from happening in the first place in my new home. Thanks for this article, I found it very helpful.

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