How To Prevent Slipping In The Bathroom

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The bathroom is filled with sleek surfaces, water, and soap which can be major slipping hazards. One bad slip in the shower can can result in nightmares for many families with young children or elders.

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Fortunately, it’s possible to modify your bathroom to help prevent these types of accidents. In this article, we will provide you with solutions on how to slip-proof your bathroom to avoid life threatening crisis.

  1. Buy Non-slip Mats or Decals for the Shower
  2. Considering how many times your family will walk in and out of your tub on a weekly basis, it’s essential that you invest in purchasing a non-slip mat for your shower and bathtub. The best ones are slightly textured to allow maximum traction so that you can stabilize yourself even in the soapiest of conditions!

    If you opt for a mat, be sure to get the right size for your bathtub or shower (you want as much of the base to be covered as possible), and replace it whenever it starts to show wear-and-tear, or loss of suction.

    If you’re struggling to find a non-slip mat in the proper size, you can also purchase non-stick decals. These act the same as a bath mat but allow you to arrange them where you needed them most.

  3. Get a Bath Mat
  4. Bath mats aren’t just a great way to add décor to your bathroom—they’re also a crucial part of a non-slip lavatory! It’s just as easy to fall outside of the shower as it is inside, and this can help prevent accidents from happening outside of the shower.

    For best non-slip functionality, get the ones with grips on the bottom so that it wouldn’t slide around when you step on it, causing even more of a slip risk!

  5. Make the shower accessible
  6. This is especially important if you’re living with somebody who has limited mobility. You can make your shower more accessible in a number of ways, such as lowering the entry to the tub to make it easier to step in and out of, installing a shower chair and a handheld showerhead or adding grab bars by near the toilet and in the tub or shower (these are available in a number of styles to be integrated seamlessly with your bathroom design)

  7. Stick to Liquid Soap
  8. This tip might sound insignificant, but you’d be surprised at how many people slip trying to keep hold of bar soap! Liquid soap lets you avoid this problem altogether.

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to bathroom safety. Consider making these small modifications so you and your family can remain safe in every condition!

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  • Caroline Towers says:

    I use dish washing liquid, vinegar and water mixed together to clean the bath tub but it leaves it very slippery. My husband has numb feet and therefore no feeling in them. The dish washing liquid makes it slippery and I was wondering if you could advise of a natural product that does not make the tub slippery.

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