How to transform your bathroom into a spa in 5 simple steps:

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Onice Gris

Step 1: Upgrade your bathtub or shower.
It’s kind of funny, everyone uses a bathtub or shower every day of their lives, but we don’t often think about it as part of our lives. For all the times someone has asked you what your car model is, or what kind of computer or TV you have, how many times has someone asked you what kind of shower or bathtub you use?

If you have a lot of money to spend, there are a couple of great upgrade options. You can totally gut your bathroom to swap in a totally new bathtub or shower. For the true spa feeling, get a Jacuzzi bathtub or a steam shower. There is no limit to the amount of money you can spend here. Steam showers can come with LED lights, hydrotherapy jets, and sound systems. Jacuzzis can be upgraded with all these options and more; however, if money is an object for you, there are a lot of smaller upgrades. A great option that is becoming popular is to cover up your old tub with a new one. Many tubs can be fitted into around your old tub. This is a great way to cover up a yellowing, aging old tub without gutting the whole room.

Step 2: Upgrade your counter space.
Old bathroom sinks and cabinets have some class, but they usually don’t have a lot of counter space. Build in more counter space where you can.

For your countertop, try to go for something classy yet practical. Some people think granite bathroom countertops are beautiful, but their enthusiasm fades around the fifth time that they have to scrub out a moisture stain and re-seal it. A better option is dark, moisture-resistant wood, or plastic countertops that look like tile or stone.

Step 3: Upgrade your bathroom accessories.
There was a time when bathroom accessories were either dollar store suction cup monstrosities, or permanent custom fixtures installed during renovations.  Thankfully, those days are now over and there is a huge middle ground.  There are a lot of permanent and temporary mount bathroom accessories that still look great.

SureLoc accessories use industrial-strength steel suction cups to mount to any surface.  Even better, the suction cups are cleverly disguised to appear like ordinary wall mounts.

STORit accessories similarly look like they were put in during renovations.  They use detachable brackets, adhered to surfaces using silicone adhesive.  Either SureLoc or STORit are fantastic ways to get the spa feeling without paying too much.

Step 4: Buy fun things
Everything so far on this list has been functional. But spas aren’t supposed to be functional! Buy candles, incense burners, bubble blowers, and anything else that is mostly useless but totally good for the soul.

Step 5: Treat YOURSELF!
You’ve worked hard for your own personal spa, so make time to use it every day! Most psychologists recommend that you spend at least one hour per day on “rest time,” non-social personal quiet time. Make your spa a daily getaway.

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