In the age of the Internet, do magazines still have a place in the bathroom?

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Researching travel destinations on your phone. Reading your favorite column on a tablet. Catching up on the news via your PC. How we engage with information has changed dramatically thanks to the Internet, but does this mean the end of seeing newspapers and magazines in bathrooms?

Toilet Caddy

Homes around the world include a display of reading materials for guests. During a fast-paced day, spending a few minutes in the bathroom can be a welcome break, especially when you can indulge in a ravishing read. Plus, when you’re in the bathroom, it just makes sense to pick up a periodical instead of your smartphone — which, with a simple slip of the hand, could end up in a watery grave.

When adding literary material to the bathroom, here are a few rules you should follow to ensure the space represents a tasteful retreat for everyone:

1. Don’t go overboard
The bathroom is not a library, so too much reading material would make it look disheveled. One to three pieces are best.

2. Select appropriate context
Select reading material with appropriate context. These magazines should appeal to a broad range of readers. Popular options are home improvement, lifestyle and travel magazines. If there’s any possibility that the context could offend someone, it’s better to place that reading material in a more private location.

3. Proper placement
Magazines look sloppy when flopped on the back of the toilet or on the floor next to the vanity. Instead, opt for a toilet caddy that features a sleek, chic magazine holder to keep periodicals organized and accessible.

4. Make swaps regularly
There’s something unsettling when you look down at a magazine that’s two years old and wonder about the grime that’s built up on its pages since it was put in the bathroom. Skip the eww factor and swap out magazines every couple of months. The reads will be fresh and so too will be the pages.

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