Is a freestanding tub right for your bathroom?

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Evolving from a functional fixture to a stunning focal point, bathtubs are the most luxurious part of modern master bathrooms. From design magazines to your favorite home improvement programs, freestanding bathtubs reign as king for new builds and renovations. Are you cosidering installing one?

Long soaks after a long day are just one of the reasons freestanding tubs are so popular. Here are five tips for determining whether a freestanding tub is right for you:

1. Size
Freestanding tubs come in a variety of sizes, but for smaller bathrooms a built-in tub is likely a better option. However, if you have the space, freestanding options are plentiful. Keep in mind, if this is a renovation, make sure the tub will fit through your door prior to purchase!

2. Style
There’s no arguing that the sleek lines of a freestanding tub are eye-catching. Freestanding tubs come in a variety of shapes and styles, such as extra-long, extra-deep, or slipper designs that are higher on one side than the other for extra comfortable bathing. From modern to vintage, there’s a style to fit your bathroom’s aesthetic.

3. Cost
While the cost of freestanding tubs has gone down in recent years, they are still considered a high-end addition that often comes with a higher price tag than built-in counterparts. Shop around and consider different materials to stay on budget.

4. Material
Built-in tubs are often made from acrylic. If you want additional material options, freestanding tub manufacturers will not disappoint. Beyond acrylic, freestanding tubs are made from copper, stone, stainless steel and resin.

5. Plumbing
For new builds, plumbing isn’t a problem. However, if you need to retrofit plumbing for a freestanding tub where there wasn’t one before, that can be complicated and costly. Speak with a professional plumber and get a quote before starting the project.Free Standing Tub with SETTE

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