Is reading on the toilet healthy?

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Reading on the toilet is a habit of many people, though few talk about it. Studies show that nearly two-thirds of men and 41 percent of women confess to regularly reading on the toilet.

So you might be wondering: Is it unhealthy to read on the toilet? According to the research, it’s not! Truth be told, it can alleviate boredom, and people who partake in bathroom reading are less likely to consider themselves constipated.

As you leisurely peruse your favorite read in the bathroom, these two tips can help you keep your habit sanitary:

  • Be sure to wash your hands. You should be washing your hands after you use the restroom anyway, but this is especially true when you’re handling reading materials. You want to avoid walking around and touching things (including your face) when your hands are covered with stray particles that transferred from the toilet to the book to your hands.
  • Stick to paperbacks and newspapers. Microbes and germs have a harder time sticking to absorbent surfaces, like paper.

If you find yourself indulging in bathroom reading, you’ll want to invest in a toilet caddy. Plenty of options include racks for holding your favorite reading materials. That means you can keep your books and magazines clean and organized as you do your business.

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