Keep your shower pretty and organized with these simple solutions

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A family with only one shower can equal way too much clutter. Luckily, there are still plenty of ideas and solutions out there to contain the myriad bottles, tubes and razors, transforming even the busiest shower into an attractive and functional shower space for the entire family.

Wall-mounted shower baskets: Whether you opt for polished metal or sustainable bamboo, these options are a super simple way to contain bottles and tools. Designate one for each family member, and everyone keeps what they need in one place.

Use your ledge: If you live in an older home, mounting a marble or other water-resistant surface on your sill can add function to the window in your shower.

Seamless shelving: The next time you retile your tub or shower, large pieces of leftover stone or tile can be fitted into the shower corner to create clean, seamless shelving. Customize this space and add one ledge for each family member.

Dispenser: Cut the clutter and get everyone in your family using the same shampoo and body wash. Invest in a handy shower dispenser and save money by purchasing these items in bulk. Tip: Opt for a clear container like LINEA from Better Living so you’ll know at a glance when supplies are getting low.

Tiered shelves: Keep everything within reach with adjustable stacked shelves. This option from Better Living is made of attractive polished steel, but it’s completely rust proof and comes together in minutes without tools. The tension rod locks your shelving system in place as long as you need it.

Portable: For that person who likes having easy access to many products, their own hanging shower caddy may do the trick. When finished in the shower, allow the caddy to drip dry. You can even store it on a nearby hook or cabinet.

Choose something you love so you can keep your shower clean and organized.

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