Keeping Your Bathroom Clean in One Minute a Day

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Bathroom CleaningAsk people what their least favourite chore is around the house and many of them will say it’s cleaning the bathroom. But that’s hardly surprising. I mean, who really wants to scrub mold and mildew off the ceramic tiles or wipe underneath the toilet seat? The bathroom is where our most intimate activities take place, so it’s no wonder why this area of the house would often be the dirtiest.

But instead of letting the grime pile up in your bathroom over time, why not spend a few moments each day cleaning the mess?

We’ve come up with little tasks you can do each day of the week that take less than a minute to perform. Not only will this save you from two hours of scrubbing once a month — it will also make the chore slightly less disgusting in the long run!


Wipe down the sink area with a wet sponge. And remember, you don’t necessarily have to use cleaning detergent each time. Everyday activities like brushing and shaving can leave gobs of toothpaste and little hairs all over your sink. Spending a few moments to wipe will save you from having to clean up a huge mess down the line.


Spray your bathtub with a cleaning agent once a week to prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew. These days, spray-on cleaners do all the work for you. Just spray and let the solution sit for a few moments. Then simply rinse it all away.


Sweep the bathroom floor once a week to clear away hair, dust and other debris. Use a sweeper/cleaner combination with a dry microfibre sweeper that allows particles to cling to it.


Use a flushable toilet cleaner to sanitize the bowl. These detergents come in various forms, like dissolvable tablets or spray-on liquid. Cleaning your bowl once a week will make the task more bearable when it’s time to perform a thorough cleaning of your bathroom later on in the month.


Bathroom mirrors can get dirty over time. An all-too-familiar sight is what many people call “toothpaste dots” that accumulate during brushing. Spend a few moments wiping your mirrors down with a clean sponge or use Windex to get that streak-free shine.


Re-stock toiletries and take inventory of your items to ensure the family is not running out of supplies. Shaving cream, lotions and toilet paper are just some of the more frequently used items.


Replace all hand towels once a week to help with proper hand-washing techniques. Hand towels are often dirtier than regular body towels due to their frequency of use. If your bathroom has the space, consider purchasing a decorative basket and filling it with towels for easier access.

When it comes to keeping your glass shower door sparkling at all times, don’t forget to Squeegee after every shower. Can’t reach the very top of your shower door? Try the Extendable Squeegee – it will leave your glass crystal clear!

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