Key design elements of a contemporary bathroom

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Shabby chic, country, coastal — these themes are all out of vogue for bathrooms in 2016. What’s the hottest trend set to takeover in the new year? Contemporary styles.

Now you can be on the cutting edge of interior design by transforming your current bathroom into a contemporary oasis within your home. To start, become familiar with the five main elements of contemporary design:

1. Clean lines
Say goodbye to soft curves and hello to clean straight lines. Unbroken vertical and horizontal lines in sinks, bathtubs, tile and vanities define a contemporary bathroom. Look for fixtures and features that are rectangular shaped and you’ll achieve this easily.

2. No clutter
An extension of the clean-line concept, contemporary bathrooms also embrace clean living by eliminating clutter. Formed from stainless steel and premium crystal-like elements, LINEA shower baskets ensure your space is clutter-free. The sleek lines add contemporary beauty while corralling a multitude of personal hygiene products.

3. Limited ornamental accents
Contemporary designs strip down features to basic forms. There are no intricate moldings, fancy mirror frames or beveled counter-top edges. Plain, smooth surfaces with flawless transitions from one material to the next add a sleek, clean appearance to the space.

4. Contrast 
A lack of ornate details doesn’t mean a contemporary bathroom is boring. Contrast is a design strategy used to create stunning visual style. White and gray hues are one example, but you’re not limited to just color. Textures are another opportunity for contemporary contrast, such as cool slate wall tiles meeting the warm grains of wood flooring.

5. Genuine materials
Contemporary bathrooms feature the inherent beauty of materials. For example, instead of painting wood, it would be left natural. Concrete is used in an authentic state. Exposed ceiling fixtures like vents and bricks are often featured in contemporary spaces as well. Raw materials are embraced rather than altered.

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