Kid Clutter: Tips to Keep the Tub Clean and Safe for Kids … and Adults

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If yours is a single-bath home, all the toys and bottles can turn the tub and shower area into a cluttered space that makes bath time more chaotic. With these three simple steps, you can have a spotless, clutter-free space that’s all ready for both “littles” and adults to get clean.
Step 1: Clean up your act: Before you draw the bath for your child, you’re probably taking a few minutes to grab various bottles and personal care items from the tub’s rim to prevent those little hands from pulling them into the tub. One simple addition will help you get rid of tub clutter for good: The FINELINE Shower Caddy has four baskets that easily organize all of your shower essentials and the moveable hooks provide added storage. Place in the corner of your shower or tub, this caddy keeps everything in place — and out of reach of the little ones.

Step 2: Keep a step ahead of the grime: Another item on your pre-bath task list is probably spritzing the tub’s surface and giving it a good scrubbing. Get ahead of grime and keep the shower clean with a non-toxic homemade shower spray. In a bowl, mix 2/3 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup water and heat in the microwave until warm, but not boiling. Pour into a spray bottle, add two tablespoons liquid dish soap and shake vigorously until the soap is incorporated. For scent, add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil, like tea tree or eucalyptus. After you shower, spray down all the surfaces — tiles, door and tub.

Step 3: Safe storage for tub toys: Tub toys are an essential part of any kid’s bathing routine, but you need that perfect double-strength storage solution that lets them safely dry and keeps them organized … without causing a tripping hazard. All you need is a simple mesh lingerie bag mounted on a hook, and their tub time favorites can drip dry and stay out from underfoot.

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