Make your Bathroom Luxurious

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Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

A bathroom renovation can give your home an instant facelift. Luxurious bathrooms can make you feel as though you’ve just stepped into a spa, and who doesn’t love going to the spa?

With a few changes here and there, you can have that soothing sanctuary right at home. By implementing a few key changes to make your bathroom the oasis you’ve always wanted, you’ll always have somewhere to relax after a long day.

Want to revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank? Take a look at some of these ideas to help jumpstart your bathroom renovation.

  1. Install glamorous lighting

    Forget the simple two-light bar above the mirror and go for something more opulent instead. The trick to properly lighting your bathroom is to use layers. For example, install elegant wall sconces on either side of the vanity and then add makeup lighting as well. Finish it off with a decorative chandelier over the tub area. Crystal or glass pieces will make the bathroom sparkle and give it that glamorous feel. Pendants are also a trendy look if you have the space to install them.

    If you choose to add lighting in the shower area, make sure the fixture holds up well against moisture. Fixtures with exposed bulbs are never a good idea, so choose lighting where all components are completely enclosed.

  2. Decorate everything in white

    Even the simplest bathroom can look super expensive when all your cabinetry is white. Crisp, clean lines are reminiscent of a high-end modern hotel. Although wood grain decor can look cheap if you don’t spend the money, that’s not the case with white. Because this is such a neutral color, you don’t have to spend a ton on your vanity and countertops for that luxurious feel. If you do want to splurge, however, save your money for high-quality linens in matching white. A set of clear apothecary jars are a nice touch along with some small wicker baskets for extra hand towels and hand soaps.

    Avoid loud pops of color if you’re going for this look as it will take away from that tranquil atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. And don’t forget to remove all toiletry clutter from your countertops as this will also kill the minimalistic hotel-like vibe.

  3. Use a monochrome color scheme

    Although you may be shy to deviate from those off-white walls, consider a monochrome color scheme for your bathroom retreat instead. Simple colors like a calming blue or a soothing green are perfect for creating spa-like atmospheres. Try painting the walls with varying shades of one hue.

    It’s actually very easy to come up with a monochromatic theme. Just choose your favorite color, then add lighter and darker shades of that same color. The key is to layer them to create a sense of depth. Once the walls are painted, purchase some decorative accent pieces in a complementary hue. You don’t want to add decor that’s the same color scheme as the walls because this can start to look tacky.

    Finish off your bathroom upgrade by splurging on some luxurious cabinet handles and drawer pulls. Rich, heavy pieces in brushed nickel or gold look particularly glam!

  4. Add wallpaper for dramatic effect

    You may think wallpaper is old-fashioned and reminds you of grandma’s kitchen. But we assure you that wallpaper has come a long way — especially artisanal brands like Farrow & Ball. For a real glamorous effect, consider creating an accent wall by covering it with a bold wallpaper. Accent walls look great behind a claw-foot bathtub or even behind the toilet. From opulent lotus leaves to gold damask, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing patterns.

    Make the room appear larger and the ceilings higher by selecting a wall covering with cool colors like green, blue or violet. If your bathroom is dark or windowless, consider a pattern with metallic inks that reflect lots of light. Wallpaper has the ability to transform your bathroom into a real showpiece, so don’t be shy when shopping around! And don’t forget to bring home a few swatches beforehand so you can experiment with the space.

  5. Opt for bold colors in the powder room

    For many homeowners, the powder room is a space where they like to go over-the-top with paint colors and decor. This is the perfect spot for a glam bathroom makeover. There’s not much room for mistakes, since it’s such a small area you’re experimenting with. Wow your guests by painting your walls with rich jewel tones, like a deep purple or indigo. Accessorize by placing decorative vases or luxurious linens in complementary colors.

    If you’re worried about your bold paint choice clashing with bad lighting, it probably won’t be an issue. Because the powder room is so small, chances are you’ll have just one fixture — as opposed to a master bath where you’ve got sconces, makeup lighting and maybe even some pendants. Top off your powder room makeover with a glamorous mirror and a dramatic light fixture that acts as a statement piece. We promise your guests won’t be able to stop talking about it!

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