Make your morning routine more efficient

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Between getting up, getting ready and getting out of the house for the day, things can get pretty busy. Add in waking up the kids and getting them dressed and ready to go, and your morning is jam packed before you even step foot into the office. Here are some ideas to help you make your morning routine a little easier to manage.

  • Set two alarms. Don’t fret about waking up late. Simply set two alarms — one for the time you want to wake up, and the next for exactly one minute later. That way, even if you sleep through the first one, the second one will wake you.
  • Shorten your shower. Taking a fast shower involves a couple things. The first is being able to move quickly, and the second is being able to rapidly find what you need. Having a bar of soap that never stays put will not help your cause. A shower caddie can solve this problem so you always have a bar of soap on hand.
  • Don’t run out of shampoo, ever. Few things are more annoying than your rushing your way through the morning and then hopping in the shower only to realize you’re completely out of shampoo or conditioner. Installing a dispenser with a visible chamber fixes that by giving you a daily visual of how much soap you have left so you can replace it before running out.
  • Streamline your morning routine. Try to develop a morning routine that works on weekends as well. While you might not have to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, your weekday routine can be slightly modified with a later start time.

With a little practice, your morning routine can go from crazy and chaotic to a little less hectic with these four tips.

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