Making a Bathroom Kid-Friendly

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Bathing children can be harder than putting them to bed, but it doesn’t always have to be! Finding creative ways to motivate your children to hop into the tub isn’t difficult; many stores sell crafts and toys to turn bath time into fun time.

Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Here are some ideas on how to make a kid-friendly bathroom:


One of the best ways to entertain children while you’re trying to get them clean is to buy a pack of washable crayons or markers, made especially for the bath.

You can spend the bath time drawing pictures, writing names, or working on spelling while they’re getting clean, and afterward you can easily wipe away your mess.

Having such a fun activity will encourage your child to get into the tub in the first place and will teach them to associate happy memories with being in the bathroom.


Bubbles are one of those things loved by kids both young and old, and there’s no perfect place to put them than in the bathroom!

Take turns blowing bubbles and giggling or get a small machine that can pump them out while you’re getting clean. For something different, try scented bubbles like chocolate, strawberry, and banana.


Keep a small collection of bath toys in the bathroom to give your child something to do while you’re washing their hair and body. Designate a specific doll or car for use only in the bathroom so they know they can’t play with it until they’re in the tub.

Invent storylines and keep them going every time you are in the bathroom together so your child has an interest in being in the bath. What happens next? They’ll never know until they’re getting clean!


Invest in a portable stereo or an iPod dock in the bathroom where you can keep it far away from water and far away from little hands.

Put on their favorite music and sing along with them while they’re in the bath. If they see that you’re having a good time, they’re more likely to have a good time as well!

Singing releases endorphins into your body and naturally makes you feel good. The positive memories of spending time together listening to music will teach your child to enjoy taking a bath so the next time you try to get them in there, they won’t put up as much of a fuss!

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  • Liddy says:

    We tried using scented bubbles with our boys in the tub and they absolutely loved it! It only cost us a few bucks and lasted for hours of fun. It made my job a whole lot easier, I’ll totally buy them again.

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