Masculine bathroom design ideas for 2016

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Bathrooms are often considered feminine spots in the home — a place to primp, pamper and relax. News alert: Guys like to do those things, too. However, they’d prefer a space that isn’t overflowing with intricate florals or lacy frills.

If you want to man up your bathroom space, you’re in luck because masculine interior designs are trending in 2016. Here’s how to bring a little testosterone into the bathroom while ensuring the style remains classy and timeless.

Color saturation
Grey tones rule in masculine bathroom design. Slate shower surrounds, smoky granite vanity tops, fog-colored walls. Pops of color in jet black or bright red add visual interest to the space.

Chrome and nickel
Metal accessories add to the cool, clean look of a masculine bath. Coordinate accessories in chrome or brushed nickel. For example, chrome toilet caddies are functional and fashionable.

The geometric design of wall-to-wall tile is perfect for a masculine bathroom. Whether it’s traditional subway tile, oversized square tiles or a beautiful mosaic, tile can bring out the masculine essence in design.

Go beyond the vanity mirror with extras that enhance a man’s morning routine. For example, a fog-free shower mirror makes shaving a breeze even in the wee hours of the morning.

Just because it’s the man’s bathroom doesn’t mean it must be void of decor. Add some personality with black-and-white photos, vintage signs or woodcarvings.

Instead of kicking back in a bubble bath, men are more likely to take a long soak in a hot shower. Add a shower seat so you can sit back and let the hydrotherapy do its work.

Shower accessories
Clean lines sans clutter rule masculine bathroom design, so there’s no room for bottle overload in the shower. Streamline routines and eliminate messes with a multi-compartment shower dispenser.

Clean linens
Don’t forgo the creature comforts that enhance an upscale bathroom. Luxurious new cotton linens hanging on a heated shower rod will make any man’s day.

If your masculine bathroom is feeling too institutional, add some warmth with greenery. A small plant on the vanity or next to the tub is simple but eye-catching.

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