Master of disguise: 10 tips for making a small bathroom ‘bigger’

Posted By Better Living in Organized Bath

Big bathrooms are becoming a prized commodity in the construction industry, with 29 percent of representatives from U.S. architecture firms recently pointing to added consumer interest in larger lavatories.

“What we’re seeing now is master bathrooms and master bedrooms being almost the same size,” developer Allison Greenfield recently told MarketWatch, noting a 600-square-foot bathroom isn’t unusual in luxury developments.

That said, the National Association of Home Builders recently rounded up new-home statistics that place the average size of master baths in the U.S. at 309 square feet; non-master bathrooms evened out to an average 191. So what can be done to make your more ordinary-sized bath seem more like a spacious retreat than a pit stop? Consider the following small bathroom ideas:

  1. Maintain clean lines in your décor and furnishings; avoid anything overly busy or detailed.
  2. Make the room seem taller by installing tile or wainscoting halfway up. Horizontal-oriented tiles, conversely, make a room appear wider.
  3. Paint in a color that suggests space; consider white with bright accents, light citrusy colors, light blues or greens or other pastels. Darker shades of the same colors, or neutrals, can then work well for the trim.
  4. Search for the narrow fixtures designed for little bathrooms.
  5. Pedestal sinks can seem roomier than vanities, but they can backfire if you need to add storage space beneath. Perhaps just opt for the 18-inch vanity instead of the 21-inch (both are standard sizes).
  6. Create shelf and cabinet space via recessed wall compartments.
  7. Skip small bath mats that visually divide the room.
  8. Shower curtains or hinged or clear glass shower doors may create more visual space. Hang shower curtains close to the ceiling to suggest height.
  9. Hang mirrors strategically to reflect more light, and combine your over-sink mirror with a medicine cabinet.
  10. Eliminate the bathtub in favor of just a shower and stool.

Through the strategic use of a little illusion, your bathroom can seem much roomier. Don’t hesitate to break out all the tricks of the trade when it comes to furnishings and décor.