Mixing And Matching Bathroom Fixtures: 4 Things To Know

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Your bathroom has the potential to be one of the most interesting rooms in your home. Choosing the right fixtures can really make the look that you’re trying to create. Here are some options to consider when mixing and matching the fixtures in your bathroom.

Mixing And Matching Tips For Bathroom Fixtures

  1. Look at What’s Already There

    What’s your bathroom like now? How are the things in your shower organized. How about arrangement of things in the vanity? What accessories do you have? If there are things you really love and would like to keep, think about how you could build on them. Start with small pieces when you’re thinking of mixing metals. If you want to completely overhaul your bathroom, choose door hardware or a light fixture you love and use that as the anchor for choosing the rest of your fixtures.

  2. Keep it Simple

    A rule of thumb to follow is not to go overboard when you’re mixing finishes. More than four is too many. The space will not looked as coherent as you would like and will give the bathroom a chaotic look—like you couldn’t make up your mind. So, choose finishes that match. For instance, if your hardware is satin brass, perhaps accessories could be in the same finish family. What about having sconces that match that aged bronze doorknob?

  3. Contrasting Is Complementing

    Pick finishes that complement but do not exactly match other finishes. Opposites attract in this case. For instance, if you have brass or matte tones, chrome or other bright metals will work well with them. When thinking about your shower organization options, a chrome soap dispenser in the shower would work nicely with a matte brass faucet.

  4. Pulling It All Together

    Once you’ve done the work of getting the right degree of interest and balance, you can add the finishing touches. If you’ve been trying to add a little sparkle and chicness to what was a traditional bathroom, try lucite accessories and perhaps a dazzling chandelier to tie everything together. It’s your space and it’s up to you to create a bathroom that speaks to your personal tastes.

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