Must-Have Bathroom Items for Parents with Toddlers

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Bath time can be a fun bonding nightly ritual for you and your toddlers. The key to a successful bath experience is having a routine and being organized with everything you need in one place. Here are some great items that parents have voted must-haves:

Bathroom Items

  • Baby/Toddler Bath
  • Looking for an extra set of hands to keep your child upright and safe in the water? Be sure to select an age (and size) appropriate tub that fits comfortably inside your own during bath time. Today there are tons of options available to parents that range from fold-up, inflatable, slings, and more.

  • A Shower Stool
  • Buy a sturdy shower stool – parents often kneel on their knees when bathing their toddlers and that can get tiring. There are now stools on the market that are multi-purpose, for example, when mom showers, she can use the stool to rest her feet for shaving. Shower stools come in different designs, some are traditional, and some are modern. Pick one that will fit your décor and can be tucked nicely into the corner so it will come in handy when bathing your toddler.

  • Water-proof books and toys
  • You can’t throw any old toys in the tub to entertain your child while you sneakily bathe them as they will sink, rust, and deteriorate over time. Make sure to pick durable waterproof picture books, light-weight floating blocks, and interesting toys that can fill and shoot water, rubber ducks, boats and other water-friendly items.

  • Toy Storage
  • You will need a place to store all of the toys and books for the tub, so having a large Tupperware container easily accessible will make your clean up a breeze.

  • Faucet Protector
  • Want to avoid some bumped heads and scraped knees in the tub? Pick up a colourful and kid-friendly spout cover for your faucet. Some simply soften the blow if contacted with, while others double as extending spouts making rinsing easier than normal.

  • Kid Safe Shampoo & Soap
  • With so many options out there, it can be tough to pick what products are right for your child. The Good Guide has taken the guesswork out of hundreds of products and supplied a list of organic and toxin-free supplies, and a lot of companies will make a basket of smaller sizes so you can try a number of products out before committing to larger quantities. Look out for eye and skin reactions and irritations so you know what to avoid in the future.

  • Soap Storage
  • Once you have a collection of products that work for you and your child, you’ll need an easy way to store and access them. Our line of bath accessories features chrome and stainless steel shower and bath caddies to keep your bath products organized and out of the way—giving you more room to splash with your wee one!

  • Dispensers
  • For parents wishing to eliminate the clutter of bottles, installing a beautiful wall mounted dispenser will allow for easy filling and refilling of your own bath liquids. Make soap and shampoos, lotion and more all at easy access with the quick tap of a button!

  • Hooded Towels
  • Once your child is washed and played out, you’ll need to get them warm and dry—a hooded towel does the trick! Your child will feel like a superhero in their cape-like cloth, making dry-time easy and stress-free.

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