New Bathroom Trends: The Master Suite Retreat

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Bathroom Trends

Your home bathroom doesn’t have to sacrifice design quality for functionality. You can create a space that combines both values and ensures complete comfort for everyone in the home. Creating a designer master suite requires forethought and many weeks of planning.

Our expert design team is here to provide you with some helpful guidance on creating your ideal bathroom environment in the coming months.

Integrate Versatile, Functional Products

No personalized bathroom space would be complete without those small luxury items that can bring balance, functionality and design elegance to the space. One example is the VISO Frameless Shower Mirror, which has been uniquely designed to prevent the accumulation of water and residue on the glass.

The product is exceptionally easy to use and can be installed without the need for challenging tools. It’s a design addition that will allow you to shave in the shower with ease while saving time in the morning.

Make Natural Beauty an Essential Element

The latest research continues to show the calming impact that plant life can have on our work spaces. Now you can bring that peaceful influence to your bathroom areas by integrating indoor plants and greenery in your bathroom.

Green walls, or “living” walls, are also a great addition for those looking to protect the environment and improve the vibrancy of their bathroom spaces. Adding vines that will expand around the area adds to a whimsical and exotic look.

Consider Freestanding Tubs

Your personal retreat can be significantly improved with a freestanding tub. This is a design element that signifies rest and relaxation as it mirrors what is commonly seen at the spa.

A large tub can provide you with that comfortable place to rest after a hard week at the office or busy weekend with the family. It’s important to consider how the design of the freestanding tub will enliven the space. For example, curved tubs can bring a softer quality to angular bathrooms with multiple cabinet areas.

Sacrifice a Bedroom for Space

In larger homes, the key to an inviting master suite retreat is sacrificing one of the smaller bedrooms. If you’re going to be living in the home for many years to come, this personalization will give you the space you require to create your ideal bathroom. From this starting point, you can let your creativity take control and begin reviewing options with a greater amount of space available.

The modern bathroom space is designed for pure comfort and elegance. Consider the design tips in this article to achieve your perfect home master suite, and look to Better Living to bring your bathroom to extraordinary elegance.

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