Not a handyman? Install it with B.Smart!

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B. Smart is an exciting new line of products that are installed using industrial strength double sided tape. Absolutely no tools, glue or screws are necessary! When applied, B. Smart tape forms a strong, waterproof bond that can support up to 3 pounds, virtually forever. Here are our B. Smart products:

Toilet Tissue Holder

B-SmartToilet Tissue HolderFor whatever reason, a shocking percentage of modern bathrooms do not have installed toilet tissue dispensers. Toilet caddies can take care of it for you, but they may also occupy valuable floor space. B. Smart toilet tissue holders are a quick, easy way to install a tissue holder that looks exactly like a renovation-installed one. Your guests will never know the difference!

Cotton Pad Holder

B-SmartCotton Pad HolderThe B.Smart Cotton Pad Holder is one of our most creative products. Most women apply and remove makeup every single day, yet very few bathrooms make cotton pads conveniently accessible. The cotton pad holder is a great way to make your bathroom a little friendlier.

Anti-Fog Mirror

B-SmartAnti-Fog MirrorLet’s not forget men’s grooming needs either. The shower is the best place to shave and the Anti-Fog mirror lets you use steaming hot water but still see clearly, giving you the perfect shave, every time. It’s a perfect gift for a man with high standards.

Toothbrush Holder

B-SmartToothbrush HolderWe like the look of classic bathrooms, with a large sink and no counter space. However, they are insanely inconvenient! The Toothbrush Holder is a great way to reduce clutter and save space. It also looks kind of Space Age! This is probably how the Jetsons stored their toothbrushes.

Towel Holder

B-SmartTowel HolderProbably the most often overlooked part of bathroom renovations is towel storage. Almost no family bathrooms really have the space to dry a whole family’s towels. As a result, families end up with damp, mildewing towels that they end up having to throw out. Do your part for the environment by spreading your towel storage around the bathroom walls with these handy holders.

Hair Dryer Holder

B-SmartHair Dryer HolderThis is a good, common sense way to store your hair dryer. The holder keeps it safely away from water sources and saves you time each day digging it out of a drawer or cabinet to plug it in.

Soap Holder

B-SmartSoap HolderBetter Living offers one of the widest selections of innovative shower caddies and soap holders. The B.SmartSoap Holder has the benefit of looking like a permanent and professionally installed accessory, but can be installed in seconds.

Squeegee with Holder

B-SmartSqueegee with HolderEliminate water spots quickly and easily with this Squeegee. The convenient holder mounts on any surface. The B.Smart Squeegee has an ergonomic handle with comfortable grip and at only $7.99, it offers great value!

Better Living offers innovative products that are easy to install without the use of tools. Our B.Smart line will make your life a little easier by having a perfectly organized bathroom, at an unbelievable price!

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