What Are Open-Plan Bedrooms?

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In the past decade or so, open-plan bedrooms have become a mainstay of luxury hotels around the world. The trend is now extending into regular homes as well. If you’re not familiar with the wonders of an open-plan bedroom, this blog post will look at the topic in a more detail below.

Open-Plan Bedrooms
What Are Open-Plan Bedrooms?

Open-plan bedrooms are bedrooms that have removed the walls and doors that traditionally separate the bedroom from the master bath. Essentially, the bathroom or shower are exposed (logistically speaking, most open-plan bedrooms also have toilets exposed, but they are not visible from the bedroom. Some may choose to have the toilet enclosed behind a door. Vanities are also typically found around a corner).

Open-plan bedrooms are all about breaking down the barriers in a given space. The result is an open space that is bright and airy. Open-plan bedrooms are not all that different from open-plan kitchens.

Here are few benefits of open-plan bedrooms:

  • Natural light and flow throughout the room makes it bright and airy
  • Luxurious feel
  • More space

Open-plan bedrooms can take different forms. Sometimes you will find a floating bathtub in the center of the room; other times, the bathtub will be found at one end of the bedroom but without a presence of the wall that traditionally separates a bedroom and bathroom. Some opt for a glass wall between the bedroom and the bath or shower.

Tips For Creating an Open-Plan Bedroom

  • Maximize Natural Light
    A large benefit of open-plan bedrooms is that they offer a lot of natural light; you can maximize natural light even further by adding mirrors to your bedroom to allow light to bounce off the walls.
  • Opt for Light Colours
    You can optimize open-plan bedrooms by choosing light colours for your walls, tiles, and bedding.
  • Organization is Essential
    Since an open-plan bedroom is open, and most of the bedroom and bathroom are easily visible from most parts of the bedroom, minimalism is often the best approach. Organization is essential. Any sort of clutter can quickly detract from the beautiful openness of an open-plan bedroom. In short, it’s imperative that all items have a proper home to avoid any buildup of clutter. Better Living products can help with streamlining and organizing your space.

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