How To Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

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If your bathroom vanity is a mess, it doesn’t matter what the rest of your bathroom looks like, it will never feel quite as put together as you’d like. Set aside a little time to give your vanity the revamping it needs with a good reorganization session. Here are some great ideas you might want to put to use when it’s your vanity’s turn for an organizational facelift.

An Organized Bathroom Vanity


Toss stuff that you don’t use out. All those old elastics full of hair shoved at the back of the drawer—adios! Really stick with the rules here: If you don’t use it and it’s just been thrown in the drawer, it needs to go. If you find that there are still items that are useable, but that you won’t use, start a “giveaway” pile. Maybe one of your friends could use that hair clip you only used once or that product you only used a couple drops of. Who needs ten kinds of body lotion, anyway?

Separate Things

Put items you find into different piles: hair accessories, hair products, nail polishes, makeup, dental items, etc. Now, try to keep all similar items in the same drawer. They will be easier to find when you need them and you won’t have to go trolling through every inch of drawer space to find what you’re looking for.

Ensure All Items Have a Home

Very few things should stand alone in the world of your vanity. There are some exceptions of course, like your soap dispenser. But, for the most part, make sure stuff is in a contained space. Doing this will remove all clutter from the counter. Head out to a dollar store and buy some plastic dividers or drawer bins that will separate your items. You can also purchase larger organizers that will hide away under the sink. Some slide out for easier access.

Put Cute Makeup Bags to Good Use

A lot of small, loose items might not do well in a bin or a drawer. Smallish makeup bags are perfect for holding things like headbands, bobby pins or other stuff that might just roll around a drawer if not secured in some kind of container.

From the Vanity to the Wall

If your vanity is still too busy for your liking, you can always affix a stylish shelf above it that could hold items like your soap dispenser, a plant or two, or makeup brushes. There is lots of room to be creative when it comes to moving things around to get a cleaner and tidier vanity area.

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