Our Four Favorite Bathrooms Found on Pinterest

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Bathroom décor can be a great way to express your unique interior design style and there are many great bathroom décor ideas online that can help to inspire you to create your dream bathroom. To get you started we have put together our favourite four bathroom designs found on Pinterest.

Take Me Away

Black and White Bathroom Design

Featured on Martha Stewart’s website, this charming black and white bathroom is both fun and serious with its clean lines and bright accents. As all of the accenting is done with towels and mats, they are easily swapped out for a different color which would instantly change the atmosphere of the room.

The chandelier adds a touch of old-world class to an otherwise modern look for a fun hybrid design and the long, high window allows plenty of natural light to keep the dark top half of the room from being too dramatic.

House of Turquoise

Bathroom Interior

This beautiful, blue bathroom is cozy, vibrant, and soothing with its mix of natural wood grain, bright blues, and horizontal lines. Clean and airy, this bathroom is from a house featured on the House of Turquoise blog. We especially love the blue accent wall and the long wooden counter.

By painting most of the room white, it gave this designer the freedom to use a dramatic glass tile on the vanity wall without worrying that it would be too overwhelming and busy. The wood accents help to counteract the coolness of the white and blue with a touch of warmth and the entire look is reminiscent of a beach house or cottage.

Rustic Gray

Rustic Gray Bathroom Design

This cozy bathroom featured on the Griege design blog features a rustic, unfinished elegance in muted shades of gray giving a soft and comforting atmosphere that can be easily accented with virtually any color or natural finish. The wooden frame on the mirror and the open face shelving provide a cottage-y appeal that appeals to multiple aesthetics.


RLH Studio’s Honorable Mention

RLH Bathroom Design

One of the most beautiful bathroom’s we have seen this stunning creation by RLH Design and also featured on the House of Turquoise blog is bright and airy with some beautifully classic accents. It received an honorable mention in the Show off Your Schumacher Wall covering contest, and for good reason!

The wallpaper is stunning and the crystal chandelier adds an extra touch of elegance that brings out the marble floor, counters and bathtub. The window above the tub is a lovely touch and the vanity is well-lit with natural light from another large window.

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