Our Mission: To Make Your Life a Little Easier

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Bathroom AccessoriesBack in 1991, our company started selling shower dispensers that made life a little more convenient for our customers. Since then, we’ve expanded our vision to other parts of the bathroom.

Our goal, however, remains the same: giving you a simple way to organize your bathroom with easy-to-install products. In fact, we’ve expanded our number of “no tools required” items so anyone can make their bathrooms organized… even if they don’t have a set of tools.

If you want to make your bathroom more convenient, consider our following lines of products.

STORit Anywhere

This handy shower basket doesn’t require any tools for installation. You just use silicone glue to place the bracket anywhere you like.

Since the basket is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rusting in wet environments. Plus, it’s large enough to hold all of your bathing necessities, even large shampoo bottles.


FineLine storage baskets offer elegant designs that look great in any bathroom. We include optional accessory hooks that give you additional storage options. Again, you don’t need any tools to install these baskets.

Bath Boutique

Shower baskets in the Bath Boutique line have simple designs that are meant to last. The solid brass fixtures have chrome finishes that protect them from rust. Each item comes with the hardware that you need for installation.

Twist N Lock+

Twist N Lock+ storage organizers can attach to practically any surface without tools or glue. Just place their mounts against a smooth surface (high gloss tiles, glass and mirrors work great), press them in, and give them a turn to lock. They can support up to 4.5 pounds.

If you want a permanent installation, the same Twist N Lock+ bracket can be fastened with screws.


If you need a storage product that can support more than 4.5 pounds, turn to the Sure-Loc line. They’re similar to Twist N Lock+ products, but they can support up to 15 pounds.

That means you could even put your hair dryer in one of these accessory storage bins.


B.Smart products offer one of the most convenient ways to organize a bathroom. They don’t require any tools for installation because they rely on double-sided tape. That means no drilling and no mess.

With these organizational products, you’ll never have to fumble through drawers and cabinets again. All of your brushes, towels, and other accessories are right where you need them.

The Squeegee

Eliminate water spots with our ergonomically designed bathroom squeegee. It works great at cleaning showers, mirrors, and tiles. With its stainless steel and minimalist design, it even looks great hanging in your bathroom.

The Shower Mirror

The Shower Mirror will appeal to people who like to do their grooming before getting out of the shower. This handy device works well for shaving, plucking, and deep-cleansing. It even has a hook that lets you grab your razor easily and to remove the mirror for a quick rinse.

The Trickle Tray

A bar of soap can quickly turn into a gelatinous mess. The Trickle Tray has grooves that let excess water from soaps and sponges drain into the tub or sink. The grooves even let air circulate around soaps and sponges so they dry faster.

Our mission remains simple: help make your life a little easier with bathroom organization supplies. Choose any of these products to make your bathroom more attractive and functional.

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