Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

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There are plenty of contractors who claim they can remodel your bathroom. Don’t rely on promises alone. Use these questions to make sure you choose someone who can do the job properly.

Question #1: Do You Have Any References

A list of references does two things.

  1. It shows you that he or she has experience.
  2. It lets you contact the contractor’s clients so you can ask them how satisfied they are with the work they got.

If a contractor doesn’t have a list of references, you’re probably best to move on to someone else. That person just isn’t prepared to work at the professional level.

Question #2: Are You Insured?

A lot of people overlook this question, but it’s one of the most important things you can ask.

If you hire a contractor that doesn’t have the right insurance coverage for employees, then you could be held liable for injuries that happen in your home.

Having insurance is also another sign that the contractor takes his or her business seriously. Only amateurs don’t have insurance. You don’t want an amateur remodeling your bathroom.

Question #3: Can I Get a Written Quote?

Bathroom RenovatorExperienced contractors should know how to estimate how much your project will cost.

Written quotes let you compare prices so you can choose an affordable option. They also give you some legal recourse when it comes time to pay the bill. As long as you have that quote, a contractor can’t increase the price without good reason.

That means you’re protected from scammers who try to trick homeowners into paying more.

Just make sure that quote has an official signature. Otherwise, it might not mean much in court.

Question #4: Who Do I Write the Check To?

Ideally, you want to choose a contractor who has formed a business. A person can work as a self-employed contractor in some areas, but it’s still best to choose someone who has gone through the hoops of creating an actual business.

Asking who you should make your payment to will tell you a lot about the contractor’s business. If he asks for payment written to him by name, then you might want to reconsider. It’s safer to choose a contractor who has a business name.

By writing a check to a business instead of an individual, you get a little more protection. Remember, you’re handing hundreds or thousands of dollars over to someone. You don’t want to take the chance that they will just cash your check and never return. That’s less likely to happen with a business than an individual.

If you ask these questions, you should find that you eliminate contractors that don’t work professionally. You also give yourself a little more protection. What other questions do you think you should ask contractors before hiring them?

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