QUIZ: What Kind of Bathroom Makeover Should You Get?

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If you’re looking to start your next in home project but want to start on a smaller room that will give you confidence to get cracking on the big ones, giving your blah bathroom a beautiful facelift is the perfect way to start!

Bathroom Makeover

If you are fresh out of ideas, take this simple 5 question quiz to find out what direction you should head in!

1. What is the feeling you wish to evoke when visiting your new bathroom?
a) Revitalized and energized
b) Organized and ready to start the day
c) Comfortable and close to your roots
d) Relaxed and Zen-like

2. What best describes your dream home?
a) Penthouse condo in the city
b) Georgian or Cape Cod style in suburbia
c) Farm house in the country
d) Beach house in California

3. What item is a must-have in your bathroom reno?
a) A touchless soap dispenser
b) A classic vanity mirror
c) Wood finishes such as hardwood floors
d) A rain shower or Jacuzzi tub

4. Of the following, what most inspires you?
a) New Trends on Pinterest
b) Martha Stewart
c) The great outdoors
d) Doing Yoga

5. What is your ideal colour scheme?
a) Black, silver, and purple
b) White, grey, and blue
c) Earth tones like brown, red, and yellows
d) Your basics: White, ivory and beige

Now tally up to see which letter appeared most in your answers and see what makeover your bathroom is destined for!

Answer Key

Mostly A’s—Modern Makeover

You like clean lines, innovation, and technology. You are happiest with things at your fingertips or, better yet, touchless! You like edgy colour combinations for your walls and accents, cool gadgets like LED shower heads, hidden speakers, and even that wall mirror that can morph into a TV screen. Try pairing slate floors, bold backsplashes, and a chandelier or other crystal feature. Here are some great ideas on modern bathroom makeovers!

Mostly B’s—Classic Couture

Traditions and traditional style speak to you. You like symmetric looks and love the idea of a Jack and Jill sink vanity, wrought iron towel racks, and neat drawers and compartments that gives everything an organizational home. To bring some modernize some of your traditional taste, try new takes on old colour palettes—try grey instead of beige, or deep chocolate brown to add depth and richness. Check out some great sconces that pay homage to traditional light fixtures with updated twists. Here is some great inspiration for traditional bathrooms!

Mostly C’s—Rustic Revision

You are inspired by scenic rocks, rustic lodges, and the movement of repurposing anything old to something useful and new. Your bathroom should reflect your taste, so try a rock wall with a cascading waterfall faucet or be adventurous and add a motley of wood to accent cabinets, floors and doors. Don’t be afraid to add some flare—there are some stunning chandeliers that add perfect lighting to rural rooms. To go the extra country mile, try antler hooks for towels and an animal hide as a throw rug.

Mostly D’s—Serenity Spa

You love long massages, tranquil tunes, and the idea of a stress-free life. To create a Zen-feel in your bathroom, choose a neutral palette of colours and accent with natural items such as plants, water-features, and rolled towels like your favorite spa would offer. Be liberal with candles and if you can, invest in a soaker tub bedecked with jets or a luxurious rain shower. For faucets and lighting fixtures, choose shapes that flow and mimic the idea of water. Create a calming paradise for you to start your day in!

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