Real estate tips: Staging the bathroom for a quick home sale

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Are you selling your home in the near future? While you may be putting a lot of effort into sprucing up the kitchen and living areas, don’t forgo the bathrooms. Clean, attractive, stylish bathrooms not only help sell a house, they are a key factor in getting higher bids.

Fortunately, staging a bathroom without breaking the bank is easier than you think. A good cleaning is an absolute must, so it’s time to bust out the bleach and rubber gloves. You want bathroom spaces to sparkle!

While you clean, make note of any necessary repairs. Peeling wallpaper must go and should be replaced with a fresh coat of paint. Fix the old caulk. Dated hardware can be swapped easily for modern options. That broken hinge you’ve been avoiding—time to tackle it.

Next, eliminate clutter. Clear countertops and shower spaces of excess bottles and unnecessary items. This helps make the space appear as big as possible. Additionally, go through drawers and get organized. You don’t want people touring your home to open the linen closet and see an overrun mess of towels and supplies. It’s time to dump or donate things you no longer want.

After the bathroom is cleaned, repairs are made and the clutter is gone, it’s time to stage the space for showings. Staging means presenting the space as attractively as possible. Replace tattered towels and rugs with fresh new options. If the shower curtain is old, get a new one. A small plant can be a nice addition if you have the space.

Finally, enhance the experience for the potential buyer by adding a mild scent. A candle, decorative scented soaps or potpourri are good options. Universal scents like cotton and lemon are your best bets; avoid overwhelming florals or evergreens.

Dated, cluttered bathrooms can send potential homebuyers for the hills. With these simple tips, your spaces will look fantastic, from the powder room to the master bath. If you have questions about staging your bathroom, your realtor can provide additional insight.


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  • Jimin, Toronto says:

    Thanks for this article, I’ve been inspired to do some serious cleaning in my bathroom! It’s usually pretty neat and tidy but the closets are a mess and it’s about time that I do something about all the stuff I have. I’m sure someone could put it to good use! I’ll start working on it this morning, thanks again (hehe!)

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