Rethinking the Workplace Restroom

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Workplace designs have come a long way from where they used to be. We no longer have utilitarian spaces solely focused on productivity and efficiency; instead, we now see offices that cater to work-life balance and characteristics of human nature. Workplaces are redesigning their spaces to encourage more visual, verbal and nonverbal social interactions between employees.

It’s natural for humans to want to congregate around food and beverages, so office amenities such as a snack shelf or beverage are becoming more and more common. But just like eating food, going to the restroom is also part of everyone’s daily routine.

But with so much attention going to other areas of the workplace, restroom layout is often left behind. Thoughtful attention to the design and maintenance of restrooms is more important than you might think. A high-performance work environment needs a high-performing commercial bathroom design.

When an employee walks into the restroom, you want them to feel comfortable. They spend eight or more hours a day at work, so it’s important to invest in the design of every single aspect of the workplace. Don’t let the utilitarian atmosphere linger in your workplace bathrooms. Bring in features like touchless soap dispensers and stylish bathroom accessories. And if all else fails, complimentary tampons and free mouth wash are nice, subtle touches that employees will appreciate.

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