Simple Tricks to Liven Up Your Bathroom

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Bathroom DesignFloating Shelves

A storage space doesn’t have to be all function and no glamour! Replace outdated, boxy cabinets with floating shelves to house fresh towels or personalized, decorative items.

Framed Mirrors

Mirrors are often neglected when it comes to decorating. The bare edges of a mirror can seem just as unfinished as an unframed picture. The simple fix? Frame it! A quick trip to a local art supply store, a custom frame shop, or even a thrift store is an excellent way to pick up a beautiful and unique frame.

Stickers and Wall Decals

Back in the day, wallpaper was the go-to option for homeowners looking for a quick and simple way to liven things up. Today, wall decals are the modern twist on this classic design shortcut. Available in all kinds of chic designs, wall decals are no longer reserved for children’s play rooms. You can even print your own custom designs.

Personalized Baskets

For a neater bathroom in a pretty package, organize each family member’s toiletries in a personalized basket. This is a great opportunity to represent the overall style of your home in the style of basket you choose. For extra space saving, mount the baskets to the wall or attach metal hooks to the baskets and hang them on the shower curtain rod.

Change out the Three Piece Set for a Decorative Rug

Three piece bathroom carpet sets are quickly going out of style. If you’re a carpet lover missing the comforting softness of fabric between your toes, opt for a decorative rug instead. Rugs can be statement pieces in a room of any size, no matter how small. Decorative rugs can provide a bit of excitement in a relatively neutral setting in just the right dose.

Scented Essential Oils

Scented oils are great way to brighten up a bathroom without breaking the bank. Add a few drops of your favourite scented oil to light bulbs (when turned off) and sunny windows. The heat produced will disperse the scent throughout your bathroom.

Find New Uses for Old Furniture

Got a gorgeous bedside table kicking around that you just don’t have any use for anymore? What about a vintage dresser that sits up in the attic collecting dust? If you’re really looking to shake things up, consider reusing these items as chic, rustic storage spaces in your bathroom.

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