Simplifying your day: How to squeegee a shower

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No-scrub automatic sprays have recently become a popular way to keep showers and tubs clean. These cleaners, however, often contain harsh additives that leave behind a film. This film is a problem because not only can it dull your surfaces, it can also get into the water when you bathe. Yuck!

A better solution is to adopt a squeegee routine. The squeegee is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your shower, plus it doesn’t require any potentially dangerous chemicals. If you make a squeegee part of your bath routine, a few quick swipes will quickly become an easy habit. The result: a cleaner shower space with less worrying about mold and mildew growth!

LINEA Squeegee

How to squeegee a shower in four simple steps:

1. Invest in a good shower squeegee
A quality shower squeegee should last for many years. One that hangs on the shower wall isn’t just convenient, it’s also a visual reminder to squeegee after every bath. Look for features like durable stainless steel or rust-proof aluminum and a reinforced rubber blade. Have a tall shower or want to encourage kids to clean? Check out extendable squeegees.

2. Use vertical and horizontal swipes
After you’re done showering or bathing, grab your trusty squeegee and, with firm pressure, swipe from the top downward. Once you complete your vertical strokes, make horizontal sweeps to get into corners and curved spaces.

3. Squeegee the floor
The biggest squeegee mistake people make is forgetting the floor. This is where water, soap scum and body oils collect, so it’s very important to run the squeegee toward to drain to clear as much as possible. If it looks particularly dirty, turn on the spout to move some fresh water over the floor and then squeegee the surface clean.

4. Close the shower curtain
Finally, hang up your squeegee and close the shower curtain so that water doesn’t get trapped in the folds.

Spend a few minutes and use a little elbow grease and you’re guaranteed to notice the difference in how fresh and clean your shower space looks and feels. Trust us — a squeegee is a game changer!

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