Simplifying your day: The best morning routine tricks to save time

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The minute your alarm clocks goes off, the countdown is on. Do you constantly feel like you’re losing the race to get out the door on time? Being rushed and arriving late to morning commitments casts a negative shadow that can cloud the entire day. In order to refresh your morning and add some pep to your step, it’s time to discover a better routine.


The best morning routine to save time

1. Shower in the evening
A shower probably takes up the largest portion of your morning. Hit the hay fresh and clean and you’ll feel less stressed when your alarm buzzes.

2. Select outfits before bed
Scrambling to find your dress pants and matching socks in the morning is a drag. A few minutes spent on planning your attire will pay dividends the next day when you stress less.

3. Avoid the snooze button
The snooze button is an evil temptress. Just five more minutes can turn into 30 in the blink of an eye. Instead, when the alarm goes off, turn on a light and open the shades to help naturally wake up your body and mind.

4. Limit personal products
The more products you need to get ready, the longer it will take. Items that play double-duty, such as makeup or hair-styling items, streamline your day and save your sanity.

5. Keep breakfast simple
It’s the most important meal of the day, but it doesn’t have to be the most complicated. Fuel your body quickly by keeping wholesome no-prep breakfast items on hand, such as yogurt, bananas and protein bars.

6. Keep hairstyles basic
Especially for women, doing your hair can take up tons of precious morning time. Go for a simple up-do or use tools like headbands and clips to save time.

7. Leave the TV off
Don’t get sucked into time-draining morning media. Leave the TV off and instead catch up on news and the weather during your commute.

8. Rock out
Inject a little energy into your morning with your favorite tunes. When you’re more awake and upbeat, you’ll get your morning to-do’s done more quickly so you can stay on time.

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