Six Must Have Accessories for the Perfect Relaxing Bath

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There is nothing quite like a hot, relaxing bath to put your mind at ease and sooth sore muscles. Give your next bath an even more spa-like atmosphere with these great accessories:

Drinks Tray

Bathroom Accessories

By far the easiest way of making a bath even more relaxing is to have a nice glass of wine and a book in there with you. For a truly stylish bath tray, consider a Tombolo from Victoria and Albert Volcanic Limestone Baths. Made of laminated oak or walnut wood, these trays fit across the top of the bath and have holes cut for two wine glasses as well as room for a book.



Glass Bottles

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash containers are fine and functional, but for an extra classy addition to your décor, consider using matching glass bottles to keep your bathroom organized and beautiful. There are many options like this charming set of mother of pearl containers or these frosted glass bottles found on Houzz.

To minimize clutter, you can also use a stylish and charming three-chamber dispenser that will hold your shampoo, conditioner and body wash conveniently in one wall-mounted unit.

Waterproof Phone/Tablet Cases

While checking your email might not be very conducive to a relaxing bath, watching a favorite movie or television show while relaxing can be a nice option and these cases will let you use your expensive toys in the bath without worry.

Spa Pillow

Absolutely essential for most bathtubs, a spa pillow will give you a softer place to rest your head than the edge of the tub and can be placed wherever you want them to hold your head up while reading or let you lie back and close your eyes in comfort.

Quality Towels and Robes

Nothing says luxury like a thick, soft, warm towel and a plush bath robe. To find high quality bath towels, consult this handy guide which explains the benefits of different fabrics and some things to look for.

Fog-Free Mirror

When you are all done your relaxing bath, the last thing you want is immediate aggravation so get a high-quality, fog-free mirror for your bathroom vanity and do your hair or makeup with ease in even the most humid conditions.

Treat your bathroom as a private oasis and fill it with comforting scents and convenient tools for the most relaxing, rejuvenating spa-like experience!

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