Small bathrooms, big impact: 10 smart decorating ideas

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Are you at a loss for how to decorate your small bathroom? Just because the space is tiny doesn’t mean you’re out of options for adding touches of flare. Unite style and function with these 10 ideas for decorating a small bathroom.

1. Floating shelves
Big bulky shelving doesn’t work in a small bathroom, but you still need space for storing items like towels and toiletries. Floating shelving is the ideal solution, as it provides an airy look that won’t overwhelm limited spaces.

2. Shower caddies
Does your bathroom have a small shower? Eliminate boatloads of bottles with a convenient shower dispenser that holds all your favorite products. You’ll enjoy shampoo, soap and more at the push of a button.

3. Ceiling style
Don’t ignore the potential of your small bathroom’s ceiling. Add visual interest by painting your ceiling a subtle shade of blue or yellow, or consider installing dramatic wallpaper to draw the eye upward.

4. Glass shower door
A shower curtain in a small bathroom unnecessarily cuts off an already confined space. Open up the area and enjoy uninterrupted lines by using a glass shower door instead.

5. Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light and enhance the feeling of space in small bathrooms. Select a mirror that opens to a recessed medicine cabinet and you’ll have style and storage galore.

6. Geometric tiles
Small bathrooms get a big style boost when you install trendy geometric tiles. Create long visual lines with the flow of the tile design to make it look like your bathroom is bigger than it really is.

7. Toilet caddies
A stylish way to keep toilet paper and magazines organized in a small bathroom is with a chrome toilet caddie. Some models even feature a stand to set your smartphone on while handling your other business.

8. Backsplash
Add pizzazz to an otherwise bland bathroom with a backsplash over the vanity top. A small backsplash adds character while protecting walls from sink splashes. A small mosaic design is a classic choice.

9. Wall-mount sink
Free up floor space in a small powder room by installing a wall-mount sink. Not only is it easy to use, but a wall-mount sink also gives the impression of a larger space.

10. Vanity organizers
Keep essentials close at hand without risking unsightly countertop clutter with a vanity organizer. Divided into multiple compartments, the right organizer will keep all your toiletries neat and within an arm’s reach.


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