Smart Options for Stylish Shower Enclosures

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With so many options on the market, it can be hard to pick a stylish shower enclosure that includes all of the features we desire without getting overwhelmed. There are many factors to consider when choosing, and several aspects of the decision will come down to personal preference. To help you pick the best shower for your bathroom, we will cover some of the factors you might want to consider before your purchases, and also provide you with some great examples of charming and smart options for your shower enclosures.
Shower Enclosure


  • Frame or frameless: This is largely an aesthetic choice but is still a good place to start as it will help you narrow down your options. A frameless shower allows for a more minimalist look which can be more versatility as it will be easily matched to virtually any décor other than extremely ornate styles. A framed shower will stylize the shower area and offers the option of adding a splash of color or an interesting design element to create a new look or complement what is already there.
  • Clear or obscure glass: The level of privacy you desire is also a personal choice but can be easily overlooked in the face of other considerations. Be sure to think about whether you want a more private showering experience or if you would prefer the clean and minimalistic look of untreated glass. Obscured glass will offer more pattern and design options while clear glass will be easy to match with any bathroom.
  • Shape: The shape of your shower may seem predetermined by factors outside of your control – like the shape of your bathroom or the amount of space you have. This can be a good opportunity to consider a larger alteration to your bathroom, such as increasing its size or adding a special shower nook designed to hold whatever shower you choose.
  • Matching fixtures, accessories: Whenever you decide to renovate your bathroom, you will have to decide if you want to change the existing fixtures or leave them in place. You will likely want to make this decision before you choose a shower so you can match finishes and styles.
  • Sliding vs. swinging doors: This decision will be largely based on how much extra floor space you will have surrounding the shower once it is installed. Swinging doors will need more space to allow easy entrance and exiting of the shower area while sliding doors will be better suited to small spaces.


  1. Quadrant enclosure: Fast becoming one of the most popular shower options, this is the modern take on square shower cubicles and are designed to fit in the smallest spaces. Their smooth, sleek design serves a dual-purpose by making the bathroom feel larger.
  2. Bow-fronted enclosure: This innovative and modern design can be installed in any size of bathroom and is sleek and stylish. The bow-front shape allows for the maximum amount of space inside the shower to avoid feeling cramped and claustrophobic.
  3. Walk-in shower: These door-less showers are becoming all the rage in modern bathroom design. They allow a sense of complete freedom as well as the largest amount of space to move around. They also allow for more than one faucet for a fantastic 360° spray. They are also basically maintenance free and much easier to clean.

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