Smart steps and clever tips for getting kids to keep the bathroom clean!

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Overwhelmed by your kids’ messy bathroom? Countertop clutter, piles of dirty clothes and toothpaste cemented on the porcelain sink are enough to make any parent cringe. Yuck!

Children are capable of cleaning up the bathroom to eliminate the messes of daily use, but you need to empower them to easily conquer the tasks. These three simple steps will change how your children use the bathroom to keep messes at bay and make mama and papa happy.

Foaming Lime Dispenser

Step 1: Set kids up for success.
Telling kids to keep an already messy space clean is counterproductive. The first step requires a little elbow grease: a deep clean. Get the bathroom to the state you always want it to be so kids can see what is expected. Worried they’ll forget? Take a picture and place it on the inside of the cabinet drawer.

Step 2: Add useful bathrooms tools for kids.
The easier you make it for kids to maintain a clean bathroom the better the results. Parent favorites include foaming soap dispensers and touchless soap dispensers to encourage clean hands without extra countertop clutter. Another useful tool is an extendable squeegee, which makes it easy for shorter arms to reach all corners of the shower surround.

Step 3: Create a daily checklist.
Bring the kids into the bathroom, tell them your expectations and share the easiest ways to clean each area. For example, after you brush your teeth, use a disposable wipe to clean the sink and faucet handles. By showing them this, you’re providing a visual that makes it easier to learn. Then create a daily checklist to encourage the steps until they become habit. A few examples:

  • Wipe down the sink, faucet and countertop with disposable wipe.
  • Place dirty clothes in hamper.
  • Return all personal products (brushes, makeup, lotion) to the correct drawer or bin.
  • Hang up wet towels and rags.
  • Wipe down the shower with squeegee.

It takes kids time to adopt new routines and you may have to provide plenty of reminders. Consistency is key in the end. Remember to model the behaviors you want to see so that kids know it’s a whole-family effort. Over time, your bathrooms will consistently look fresh and clean.

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