Sound System Options for the Bathroom

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You know you’re living the good life when it’s time to choose a sound system for your bathroom. However, this privilege comes with some responsibilities too. You shouldn’t buy a sound system just because it’s advertised as a great option for bathrooms. Know what is available in the market and be a smart shopper. Otherwise, you could get stuck listening to distorted music from a malfunction sound system every time you take a long bath.

Music System

Hanging Sound Systems

Small sound systems designed to hang around faucets offer some advantages. First, they’re pretty inexpensive compared to other high-end full sound systems for bathroom.

Second, they’re waterproof. That means you can take them into the shower without worrying about water damage. That’s a huge advantage to anyone familiar with how the heat and moisture from a shower can distort speakers.

The latest models even have Bluetooth capabilities, so you can sync them with your smartphone or other devices. You can get an online radio or your favorite playlist from your own music library.

A Speaker in the Showerhead

One of the most innovative sound systems for bathrooms is a showerhead that has a built-in speaker. It’s like having music rain down on you while you shower.

There aren’t many products that use this design since there are prone to flaws. For instance, you have to set the volume and playlist before getting in the shower. From inside, you can’t control the system at all.

Full Sound Systems for the Bathroom

If you want to have the ultimate shower experience, you should try it with a full sound system in your bathroom! These sound systems are so costly that they might match the bill you paid for your home theatre. But of course, you pay what you get – these sound systems often are built by experts and you’ll receive the best customer service after paying such big bill!

Before jumping on this idea though, you should consider how moisture will affect each piece of the system. Do not buy the speakers unless they can withstand a lot of moisture. Regular speakers won’t last long in a bathroom.

Also, consider how you want to control the sound system. Do you want to use your smartphone, or would you prefer a dedicated remote control? How about a control panel built into your shower?

Last but not least, make sure you have a professional arrange your speakers. Bathrooms often have complicated layouts that make it hard for sound to travel. You’ll want to experience the surround sound while enjoying that hot shower!

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