Spring into a new season with fresh bathroom updates for $50 or less!

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The clean air, the warm sunshine, the birds tweeting – spring’s renewal is the perfect inspiration for refreshing your own favorite spaces, and the bathroom is the perfect place to start! A few simple updates will give even the most frequented bathroom in your home a facelift that reflects the beauty of the season.

Consider these surprisingly simple spring bathroom decor ideas that cost just $50 or less:

1. New towels
Are your towels a bit drab? Are they in a darker hue more appropriate for winter? Fresh, fluffy towels in a vivid color are the perfect way to add the energy of spring to your bathroom without breaking the bank. In fact, you can easily change out towels every season to reflect the mood of Mother Nature.

2. Great greenery
As the buds and blooms take over the outdoor landscape, you too can enjoy some fresh greenery at home. Add a bouquet of flowers to your bathroom when hosting guests or choose to add a humidity-loving fern to accent the space for an undeniably spring-like upgrade.

3. Shower curtain
Most people leave up the same old shower curtain for years, but considering how much bathroom real estate it takes up when closed, it’s a super-simple spring swap that can revitalize the space. Popular themes for spring include organic elements, colored stripes and, of course, florals.

4. Cut clutter
Spring clean your way right into your bathroom and cut clutter for a more functional space. Useful clutter-busting accessories include toilet caddies, soap and shampoo dispensers and vanity organizers. Once the bottles and chaos are gone, your bathroom’s true style can shine through.

5. Sensational scents
The nose knows when spring has arrived thanks to the fresh scents of nature. Add a new aroma in your bathroom space to freshen things up. Add a pretty fragrance warmer to your decor collection and collect melts in flavors like linen, lilac, melon or grass. Fragrance reeds and scented candles are another appealing option to provide springtime aroma therapy.


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