Step Into The Light: 5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Dark Bathroom

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We all love salivating over showroom bathrooms with claw tubs, artisan tiles and shiny chrome fixtures. For the rest of us who have to get ready for the day the best we can in dank, closet-like spaces, it may feel like we’re short on good options. Get inspired and liven up your bathroom with some of these bathroom-brightening tips.
Get reflective: Ideally, you could add natural light by replacing your old window with a larger one, or by adding a skylight. If that’s not an option, though, mirrors are great light maximizers. Replace a small cabinet mirror with a large one. Consider a full-length mirror or a smaller wall mirror that gives you a good behind-the-head view with your existing mirror.
Let the light shine in: Find places to add to or expand your existing lighting lineup. For starters, lights positioned next to a mirror instantly brighten any room; wall sconces on either side of a mirror are chic and on-trend. With help from a professional electrician, liven up your dark shower with recessed lighting.
Reconsider your color scheme: A bathroom painted white will definitely get those light rays bouncing around the room. If all-white sounds too clinical for your taste, limit the white to trim, cabinetry and tile, and then paint the room in a light and airy shade of your favorite color, such as pink, blue or green.
Keep the sparkle alive: When smooth surfaces are clean and shiny, they catch the light and make the entire room sparkle. Keep an old hand towel handy for quick wipe-downs of the sink, faucet and countertops. Keep a squeegee handy to remove steam and water drops from windows, mirrors and shower doors, keeping them clean and smudge free.
Get organized: Look for organizing solutions that keep everything tidied up and put away, yet easy to access. A ROLLO Toilet Tissue Reserve keeps up to four jumbo-sized spare rolls stored within reach of the throne. With its chrome finish and asymmetric design, it’s an attractive and functional addition to any bathroom.

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